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You’ll never know what you can bear until you fight with one.

Though I wasn’t bred that way I take a slice to know the light is on.

Been decked by my cards so I shuffle around the boat.

Drowning in the blue that the red mist lead me to.

Clutching pearls that swine gave me.

Scorched earth screaming green as new shoots.

Golden boots give tours of their shoe collections.

You’re only good as your answer to the last question.

The fable of favour requires faith to become a fact

I fight with enlightened beasts, it kills me where I’m at

Blind mice testifying of finding big cheeses releases of hope of planting my flag on the moon.

Everything I should have done has been festooned.

Everyone I should have been, marooned by who am I now.

I look up to look up though I’m down.

What now?





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Home Is A Diving Board

diving board

Trapped between the sound of splashing and touching water

Wearing fanfares to allay fear

Fostering first finishes from ticks glimmering

They say…

Stand within ear shot of the gun to know your target

Is clapping the fruit of the harvest?

Drown, and become a compass from a floating carcass.

Another one who did the math only to make up the numbers

Saddled with sackcloth, shame and numbness

Straddling feint margins, seeking waves as markers.

Struggling to strum the melody of the barking.

Seeking to beat this with heartstrings.

A war-torn dome is only enlightened by stillness.

Choose your weapon before tumbleweed kills you.

Strike with every breath, release gold or reach home.

Time the trapeze, then reach and step.

Let your soul know this was a good body to rent.


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Beating my cobbled path

I write with so much emotion my by line is graphical
Poetry biographical
Trying to write in measured tones but it really wont graph at all
Can’t really do the math at all
Some days its a challenge just to live, the bar I can’t grab at all
Can’t raise my chin let alone my game
Moving up and out is my main aim
I switch my target cos I’m being framed
They say reliability is my middle name
Are they insane
Dumb office political games, I observe for my own gain
Got the nerve to not pay in
Buy in to their sayings and yet I wont lie dormant
They try to up my performance, grind me into conformance
I soak up the knowledge let wisdom guide me to what the norm is
Prostituting my self worth just to keep a roof over me
I’m sick of folk saying I’ve got potential it must be trapped in life’s ovaries
I’ll bust a gut and a nut but still I get done over
If I play dumb is that my 4 way clover leaf?
I’m numb to the knowledge thief
Wise to the heart raider
Some times they say “you deserve the best”
my response  is yeah …if you say so
Their truth is pure day glow it fades away at night
I keep on the social radio get a laugh at the dire tripe
Hit them up with a diatribe
Yeah they’ll die a tribe
Kill em with the know and ascend to higher heights
Is it all it in the game or just a simple way of life
For I’m too battle hardened to be treated like a bambino
Sweeter than Campino,
Old school like the beano
Fed up with being treated like a fake field goal, or a spare anchor
So for self sharpening tool the ego has landed
It’ll be humility branded, my path to glory is along the rocks
I hope you love my paradox
You’ll bruise your soul in my shoes if you aren’t blessed with power socks

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Hate The Game

I’m not clicking with their click because my feet got more rhythm
Clicking keeps the game ticking but they don’t clock your vision
Unless your poly ticking your progress is forbidden
Everyone’s a player but the rule is unwritten
Like a failed exam paper your hard work is marked hidden
Playing dim getting bright might get you in position
Hear and deaf see and blind is the house you got to live in
As you find bridge building’s the key to your city
Visibly their style is clean know what I mean
Rolling into work like new upholstery
Knifes in the grey matter they’ll stab you from between their teeth
Make you token monkey when extra juice they need
For the game is endurance yet we yell conspiracy
When we’ve played it to perfection with no medals received
Pot calls kettle black when nothing hits the boil
I try not to play but the machine is well oiled.

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And What?

Strong arms fragile egos
Strong wills weakly we go
In search of forever, hoping my ever
Will design my legacy
Parental past behind eating the future ahead of me
Can’t sleep or eat for fear of not achieving their feats is an unyielding beast
All I got is beef but they call me chicken
Slave to their wrong decision
A victim of their howls of derision
Poetry is the only arena I free think in
Where opinions and philosophies got honed
Where I lay my heart I call home
Dog with a bone I’m not
I am classical hip hop
Expressive, driven message, with purpose
They say money had game but now he played and worthless
Not like I worked less or more
Counting my blessings to try and settle scores
Knocking my head against walls trying to open doors
Kick down flaws
Stay grounded, ground pounding
Stay rounded get my head around the corner
I‘m universal, they’re Time Warner
Everything’s a warning
Virtual worlds I’ve stayed warm in, my reality is so cold
Be bold, be you
They say they people see persona but they’ll see you
Everybody knows me
Say I’m food for thought but I’m so plated everybody owns me
Slated as plated gold see, these memoirs unfold like Dead Sea scrolls
I’ve learnt to float and roll with punches in bunches
Munch my hunches, swallow the bullets
Gotta stop trying and just live life to the fullest
Grow a mullet and be the lion king
Weaknesses I’m ironing
Even Iron Man had weaknesses
Do I need to a beat a leviathan?

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The Shake Up

In a world of broken systems I feel imprisoned by people seeing the light through twisting prisms and calling it divinity’s visions
They rule masses with soliloquies written for human fishing, intoxicating minds with a shot to the spirit
Reality is a shock when they get it, the revelation of the code, standing still in disbelief that no real strides were strode
Time bombs will blow with a din like volcanic ash in the wind
Bringing heat to your skin like the sun burning from within
It’s the will to win that keeps you inside the scope
For awards that will never go to those who gave up the ghost
You’ve got fathom your values, value, role and goal and be sold on making the most
Cos life’s never been beach though some love to coast
And in this game show not everybody can host, some of us can boast we’re the audience with the answers
But we have to play careful because our answers have damned us, sometimes hanged us
Honesty is a policy that is priority thankless so pray life thanks us through rewards and blessings.
For the greatest intimacy is hard work… I call it success caressing
But some just love the effing – too much solo stuff makes you blind
Though they be calling this the year two thousand and mine
I wonder is it the year of greed or the year I shine
See disaster’s been the blueprint of my destiny’s design
I want to litter my life with highlights getting higher than street lights without succumbing to the high life and becoming egotistic and blind to humility
Pride is draped in futility pitfalls are covered in mystery
Like unveiling a masterpiece at the Tate Modern success can be met with hostility
So Prepare

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