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Untitled 2209

We show our friends who they should date just to say we called it
But ain’t got a word worth its salt for their divorces.
The gold sprinkled well wishing didn’t bring the fairytale we fought for
It doesn’t sit well being the pied piper that failed recorder
We had the hats suits and the cake on order
The match was supposed to be their flavour but the aftertaste was salty
We thought we could create the blood that was thicker than water
Turned beef eater into a vegan sipping gin but ain’t got the tonic for them
Spy reporting shows some open doors yet never cuts the keys
When standing statuesque in the aisles feels a liberty who carried the torch?
It was a crocodile identifying as a dragon with the name of scorch
Yet the blaze sent them to Coventry, the land of the damned.
They’re hum drum making music from the one we banged
Some of us hope we’ll be a good catch on their rebound
When the penny drops we’ll flake like a 99
Wishing well until its fruit goes brown in the sunshine
The next will be the cream of the crop when your scooped
Some of our closest wont dare to tell us that we’re just VI Poo
The sweet smell before it all goes down
A royal flush only wins if we don’t overplay our hand
Only if what we’re dealing has not been banned

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In your world I be

Tested philosophies, meals and laughs


Novels worth of texting

Flirting like I’m the best thing

You’ve seen since sliced bread

Wig your way to my head

But when you’ve had enough

Your hand is rough

Said Single you’re the woman who keeps on pretending

You want a happy ending

Killing man by spending

Time like your self pity kitty

I gave you cool calm and witty gritty

Pieces of a manhood that made you say whoooooooa

I said single

You’re that touch me tease me sex and the city chick

Boy you’re such a p*ssy I’m on to the next d*ck

On to the next tub,

Ben & Jerry’s back rub

Crying into bath bombs listening to Jason Mraz songs

Though you’re beautiful

Can I be your duplex

Single you’re so monotone

I’ll hand you the envelop

I’ll ring you so you’re not alone

Open up your hand, your heart let me be your stereo

Single you’re not every ho, I want us and an embryo

You’re the simple complexity of logic,

The walnut stained door of our fusion

Sitcombs are wishing wells of a penny for your illusion

Bad girls have business

Good girls have love

Single your stained purity is the one I dream of

Single…you want a ring on it

I’m ready to make a thing of it

You said I’m too nice so, think on it

Been waiting for you so drink to it

My love for you was always legitimate

I’ve got time So Commit To It

Yes Sex can be intimate but 55 seconds?

A minute can be an hour but I’d sooner see 55 Reverends

Get the ring say I love you and 55 lessons

On how to say I love you with 55 errands

Single, do you love you? I’ve made 55 errors

But I start back at one because it’s never equally severed

Never been cut to be anything but solo

There’s a hole in your soul you can be whole though

Things are out of control and you’re needing a plan be

It’s stupid things that say together we can be


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The Truth

A booty call cause I don’t want to walk in your shoes

I’ll give you that funk for a night and call it mo’ better blues

Ignoring your messages is the message I’ll choose

My body needed inspiration and you were my muse

Don’t want you at my roots or to expose my ruse

This is my path for the moment you can rue my rues

I’m not cold but you can feel my flues, enjoy some hot weather

Turn a good person into booty call cause I can’t name my treasure

Spin you that hot line feed you with some hot lying

You loved how it was….ok fine

Your presence is all I needed not your soul and mind

Thought it was more grow up and stop cryin’

It was like ecstasy in Zion yet you’ve got leave the mount some time

Unless I have a Damascus experience and call you my sunshine

Till then if you want to make more music you’ll have to find a booth

See I lied to you when I said you were the truth

You took it as the truth but now I’ve had you, I don’t want you like that


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Waste man’s world

I need a new concept and I know that its ridiculous

Excuse me lady can I take your particulars

You know I’m God’s gift a smoother St Nicholas

Say I’ll take you to the moon or nowhere in particular

Can I get in to your knickers love ah damn my shame

Your hole’s my goal so now you know my aim

If I put my hands on your frame I’ll get in to your brain

Tell you to to picture us and how we’ll be loves reign

Fill you with becoming though I’m no more than a cum stain

I’m a good man’s nemesis you’l be the mess that he gains

See I need a new concept and I know that its ridiculous

If I achieve my goal I promise I’ll stick to us

Screw and move my honesty wasn’t meant to be pernicious

It’s a dog eat dog world but your meat will be delicious

Cos I’m a fool

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Blood Will Reign

Their blood will reign yet kings abandon their thrones
Leaving bemused queens raising princes alone
Takes more than bricks and mortar to be making a home
Yet they lay the foundations then to new projects they’ve flown
Declaring the season wasn’t right despite the seeds they’ve sown
Finding reasons to treat the field like a weed that’s grown
Their blood will reign yet kings abandon their thrones

Sitting pretty getting fed while queens cry alone
Declarations of kingship drown out weary groans
The kingdom is the queens for she builds alone
Who’s the king where’s the king the prince wants to know
Looking him in the eye as he sits on the throne
Where’ve you been what’ve you seen of my growth
Don’t you love me or really didn’t you want to know
Your blood will reign when you’ve been overthrown

Love can and will reign yet blood run will cold
For a king who ignored their heir till they were 20 years old
How can a king be a king when the queen ruled the throne?
He wasn’t even the power behind it he wasn’t a king at all
But to the queens who get big and want their kings dethroned
Check yourself to make sure your truly giving your all
To my kings who simply think that rulings a ball
Stop playing the game or your house will fall
A single mothers cry isn’t nice no, no
Fathers your blood will reign so take control of your throne


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