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Retrograde Doxology (52/11)

Oh black box of bountiful banter and bodacious badassery
Wonderful are your dual shocks in my hands
You give nightmares to the dream cast and cast dreams as virtual realities
Those who try angles just to square with you are caught in the circle of exasperation.
Only the soulless would not walk in San Andreas

From the rising of the sun to the scratching of the game will I praise you.
Homework cleaning, and proper sleep have died for you.
Knowing that football widows are but a testament to your handiwork
We men have Kingdom Hearts, it is the measure our soul calibre that sometimes….
The devil may cry at your mastery of Electronic Arts.

Being in your presence is a call of duty for which no medal of honour is deserving
We are not worthy but by cheat codes or insomnia we are made perfect..
Deliver us from the wrath of wives, parents and girlfriends oh keeper of our Final Fantasy
Guitar heroes and sing stars are but cherubims to your glorious gamesmanship

An ex boxer to a knockout king is but a nay sayer denying pro evolution.

You are more than a Vice City siren causing Silent hills to throw tantrums.
Bedrooms and lounges are temples where we crown you with prickly victories
Oh black box of conquests you consume time like a ravenous herbivore
Even after beating number 134 of a tekken tournament that has torn a man
We are found wanting more, of you

Left one, left two oh black box we are you regimented.
Right, one right two, sometimes our pride has been dented
With broad shoulders we accept this monopoly on our senses
Our mettle gears solid so we shift blocks like tetris.

Are you deity or a dynasty, with your 4th generation of believers
See 10, 000 reasons aren’t enough to proclaim that you reign in all seasons
With joy now receive us
We know eye toy preceded your move into greatness
Sega and Nintendo must bow down
All Hail The Playstation


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