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Goodness, Gracious, Me

As clocks tick,
boxes dip
Another click
A buttoned lip
Eyes shut
The solemn drips
Loosening grip
A name that slips
All want us to kneel
Accentuate real
To hurt and to heal
To birth and to feel
Their pain
They want to us to feel
Their pain again
They want to us to feel
Their pain again
Where is outrage
They want the grief front page
Publicity umbrage
They’ve got it so flaunting
Dead sons aunts and.daughters
Yet I’m getting bored of
This game
They want to us to feel
Their pain
They want to us to feel
Their pain again
How can this be real
When told what to feel
Not sold on the deal
For real
like being force fed a cake
That I didn’t bake
They wants jaws to ache
Whole souls to be raked
Yet my soul is being raped
By choices I didn’t make
How many addicts do you need!
For your sympathies
I’ve no blood left to bleed
Or place for my feet
With that left for me
I barely can be
So please comprehend
I cannot pretend
That I truly stand
With all and hold hands
Grief stans for yours
My release could be raw
Yet I know for sure
You’ll be exhausted to Stan
All mine


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Lie Flies

I’ve never subscribed to the idea that footballers and those in the public eye are role models

I find the ethos of relegated responsibility somewhat bothering

It’s like a claustrophobic homeless guy praying for a fitted coffin to sleep in without dying

If all in the public eye are role models

Then we should all be bothered about being role models for the eyes that are forever spying

For we are watched and listened to by a government that is more corrupt than a tabloid journalist

Maybe they should teach reality television contestants how not to behave depraved

Or hadn’t anyone thought of this

Everyday is another day to be sensationalist

Seems to find a good news story every word has to be floodlit

Not that it would make a difference

The difference would be minimal as we’re cynical as it is

Maybe half the nation would sing praises to God if we

Slapped non entities we call celebrities

Out of the perennial hypnosis

Crushed the bed of roses called their ego’s

And turned it into the perfume of mass indulged sanity

For if we

Allow the permutation of a thespian nation

We’d breed the complex equation of a virtualised nation

That every song seemed to create for 2001

Nostradamus got mixed up with some of his predictions

It was us humans and not computers who were infected with the millennium bug

We crashed and powered down like time

How many of us read wide

Analyse more than the tabloids

Becoming mathematicians of the prosaic kind

Or are we just waddling around on a see food diet

Never dissecting or translating in case of offending

Though we have a basic right to constructively criticise

We love the dirty pretty things

I guess fantasy is now real life

Every word we speak has to look and feel right

Even test the audience temperature before even sees light

I guess Nescafe should be a bigger sponsor than Nike

Its gonna be a Starbucks society

Unless we realise the real lies and

Reorganise for real life

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Reality Got Talent

Whose sob story will rob glory, whose is the most gory
Who is so unkempt their rendition is bound to draw me
Like Tony Hart, except their art probably will morph me
Inform me then implore me because the vote nymph is horny
But the trash acts they bore me to the point channel hopping seems a daunting challenge
See we’re living through the evolution of the pageant
Where fame is 30 seconds scavenging, rich judges be ravaging, mental health damaging
And rehab seems like home, for the have not’s to manage in. Those who made it stave off panicking
Penniless having had the win, the real money was never seen – the cameras and the madness seemed like a sin
365 days later and dust settles, discarded like rusty metal unless the masses still buy your mettle
No more floors of rose petals have you still got your head?

What people tweet about, speak about, update FB about is more than what they be about.
We got knee jerk media hounds, Facebook groups that tear you down, jealousy queries and sneers with classic veneers, why their reality wasn’t all Hollywood smiles and fake tears
Is that where we’re geared?
We want it right now and we got it right here, talent battery produced not hand reared
Real talents lose their zeal and the feel for what they called real
Remember when virtual reality was just for computer games
Now we got virtual insanity by conveyor belts of fame
Everyone knows the rules and they still they complain
So when everybody plays the fool do you hate the player or the game?
Heaven the pie in they sky for which I aim
My reality is abides under the divine camera fame
But I’m a sucker for life and there’s no edits till I fade.

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