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Shooting You Down

They say I’m under the radar like the half of the artists that I listen to
Ever writing poetry about love pain and bliss with who
Be flavour of the month inclined or declined
That card carrying bible basher whose hearts been re-spined
I…got my back bone, I’ve given out a back bone
Times I frustrated and intimated how I’ve been so alone
Never been a snow cone, colder than a frosty freeze
Hot up by attention only for them to chat breeze
See I got lie detector on not for I to get laid
Putting chicks to sleep for those egg heads I can’t raid
Unequal yolks, feigned heat the whole charade
Kiss kiss bang bang naivety made of total a notch of ade
Getting hyper snappy you can call me gator ade
For so long I’d been its been nice see ya later ade
Crossed paths like a funky braid, fell out with my hair dresser
Now my mind wants the narrow paths more than some heffa named Vanessa
Finally with hands clasped, eyes closed on my knees
I’m saying believe this please, all the you and me’s that I could of been were never deemed to be adequate
My hearts now a moving target so the sniper best be accurate
Inspired by this track

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The longest kiss

We embraced each day like a bohemian sunset kissing white sands for the last time

Kissing like plans and time,

Explicitly entwined like lovers covered in honey

stuck in the buzz

In our moment we are, we were, we simply be

Still like the breeze before and after the storm

Pregnant with a future yet to be born yet we were fully formed

Feeling like casualties of a pacifists war we… tore up blue prints and scripts to be enlisted

See true Happiness is continually fought for never gifted

Sojourners drifted into our paths like floating pieces of wood to renew hope

When my lust is pure the only loved one I’ll grope for will be

My life


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Struggle with Race

I do not struggle with your depiction of the purpose of my pigmentation

I do not struggle with your conviction that my decisions are indicative of self hatred

I do not toil and bubble with indignation because the objects of my attraction have not met your satisfaction

I do not struggle with race

My gums will not run to denigrate your choice of mate for who I date does not subtract from my self worth

See who I am… is defined by colourless values

Who I am…is defined by my environment where you can never be part of the furniture

Who I am…is purposed to strive and survive and further me before I burnish you

While you hurdle truth, I girdle those matters of fact

That self hate and self hurt comes your own self affliction, you say that you feeling stabbed in the back by convictions?

Well I embraced my predilections and found myself moulded by inscriptions that say it is not the strongest who survive but those who adapt to change

See my values are my reins,

They cannot be a fast track for your gains when you struggle with your inability to relate to my other side

And I will never be colour blind, blinded by colour whether yours mine or any other

Cos Sister this brother, does not struggle with race

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Rebirth Control

My inspiration for my 7th of 30 poems comes from a Facebook status on the 16th of December posted by a talented musician friend of mine known as “Silverchet”. Follow @silverchet on twitter.

“I Dont Wanna Hear How 2010 is Gonna Be “Your Year”, Or How 2010 is A “Time for Change”, I Been Hearing That Year After Year, So Quit Procrastonating and do what you Gotta do…….I speak to myself as I do you all”

16 December at 18:19 ·


Rebirth control

At the end of every year we engage in a ritual of giving and receiving presents, to some we give our presence, to others we scribe from a sample of our essence.

Taking time to recharge, a new year will it bring a new start, a new chapter new lessons?

Will we have counted our blessings, paused for reflection, spotted our contradictions and created new traditions?

Halted attrition of self ignition

Or will we simply continue unpause the game from the X box

Continue where we left off

Revive the consternation instead of tidying our desktop

Let our system hang and our heads drop

Beheaded because we’re big headed

Talk about change yet we’re dreadlocked

Locked in dread because change means the whole head

We’ve got to brain wash and condition in order to sew fruition

We talk about chasing the dream not the competition

Every new year is a new you year until problems hit then, those resolutions…

Those Resolutions

Those revelations that made you make statements

How you knew they were pain staking but resolute enough

Yeah … those solutions, improvements…those resolutions that had so you so focussed you had me thinking change was embedded in your follicles

Only for 6 months later change is soluble like aspirin

Did you think change was a sprint?

Did you think  change would be a Usain of the bolt type change

Sweep you off your feet and leave you with no time to breathe type change

Where is the new you I say?

It takes pain to move pain because something has to die before you come back to life

Pre mortem dissection, microscopic detection for signs of regression

Grown folk need a soul session not a 1 month campaign at every month 11

Yelling to the world from midnight of the 31st I begin my resurrection

Obama’s slogan for election

I am who I choose to be and when I start’s change in me it is for my refreshment

It’s a present to my presence, my essence, my gain

Drink to a year of pain to locate the step up, celebrate finding it, then put up, shut up or full on step up.

Wake up, Get Up for the shooting range, take your best shot at life and work towards your main aim

For when your breath is short and your soul’s screaming to get away

You better be elected, there’ll be no more campaign, no more rebirth

Your life’s been your day to prove your worth

But how will you handle your 31st?

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Freestyle Status – The 1

Your love patrols the core of my worlds surfaces, you know how to service it, eternally because there is only the now not later.
Love is our equator, the reflective essence of your presence I equate to.
See your energy elevates me and mine moves you forward.
Our connection explodes and every flows it never stays dormant.
When passion is a club we will never need a doorman.
Cos I’m your missing piece of the equation. Just call me your 1.

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The Shake Up

In a world of broken systems I feel imprisoned by people seeing the light through twisting prisms and calling it divinity’s visions
They rule masses with soliloquies written for human fishing, intoxicating minds with a shot to the spirit
Reality is a shock when they get it, the revelation of the code, standing still in disbelief that no real strides were strode
Time bombs will blow with a din like volcanic ash in the wind
Bringing heat to your skin like the sun burning from within
It’s the will to win that keeps you inside the scope
For awards that will never go to those who gave up the ghost
You’ve got fathom your values, value, role and goal and be sold on making the most
Cos life’s never been beach though some love to coast
And in this game show not everybody can host, some of us can boast we’re the audience with the answers
But we have to play careful because our answers have damned us, sometimes hanged us
Honesty is a policy that is priority thankless so pray life thanks us through rewards and blessings.
For the greatest intimacy is hard work… I call it success caressing
But some just love the effing – too much solo stuff makes you blind
Though they be calling this the year two thousand and mine
I wonder is it the year of greed or the year I shine
See disaster’s been the blueprint of my destiny’s design
I want to litter my life with highlights getting higher than street lights without succumbing to the high life and becoming egotistic and blind to humility
Pride is draped in futility pitfalls are covered in mystery
Like unveiling a masterpiece at the Tate Modern success can be met with hostility
So Prepare

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