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The End

I’m in love with….I could never finish the sentence
My regrets roused rancorous desires for regression
I was colour blind as the red flags flapped,
I felt so fly, the fact that I didn’t, feels impressive.
My ego was bedded by this boo as the crowd roared us on.
Economical with the truth about either of us being The One
We phoned in that blue light to the brain as though we were seeing
the sun.
The great depression was 3 rings away from speaking up.
Green was never my shade, yet blue was our colour.
We called a spade a spade while digging crates and graves for each other
To tolerate through desperation seemed a better vow than to love each other.
Desecrating the legacies of Father, Father and Mother.
Who we fancied remained a secret that not even mirrors could fathom.
If we get on, let’s see where it goes was the best chestnut, adage
We thought we had our onions in order so we ignored the sage.
This was a fools buffet, eat now and pay later
Needed more time to date but….
We were less diligent than a fan of James Yancey
Pilot of Aaliyah’s plane on an incredible flight of fancy
If you do best at a certain altitude, why lower the standards?
If our mutual anchor had matched us, the candle position was shifting.
If walking through hell was our job, we seemed fire resistant.
We did what was expected and found some return on the investment.
Blurring the burning yearning for affection with friendship.
The words house and mate were, for the most part, unconnected.
 The moment we took the breath away, I became we, with love in a sentence.
Now if this is a confession to someone who cannot give penance.
What are we to do with the fragments of our reflections?
We end.

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8/ 30 More Fire!

How much more love do we really need?

Does it look like more stable marriages and less divorcees?

More faith to find a way though we disagree?

Should there be less tantrums about our wants and needs?

Is it about acceptance instead of accommodation?

Is it a contract without an escape clause .

Is it enjoying the meal in spite of the waiter

How much more love do we really need?

If it truly starts with you and me….

Is self-love a missionaries position?

Is there a bible?

What’s the core values of this religion?

Are the different types of love denominations?

How do we get to more love if some loves seem hateful?

When love shows its face why can’t some fall for it?

Mass produced in many ways, is it cheapened by brand disloyalty?


Your love and my love should have some common ground.

When and where can this so called more love be found?

Is it in the 18 years you stayed for the kids

Believed in second chances while refusing to forgive

Refusing to forget and let he or she live

What’s love if you’re going to act like ….well I love you too much to use you as an insult

It is uncaging, reincarnating, composing without imposing

More than doting on your yes men

It’ll give you more exposure than a naturist at a winter clothing convention

Yes!  Full of foibles, fantasies and awe-inspiring flaws

Love is adding a rug, unafraid to be naked when you open the door.

Out of love we go to war and in love, we find peace.

If love makes the world go round, it takes your will just to be.

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A Valentines Proposal

In my more prolific moments, this would be the time of year I go into hiding.  This year I decided to bite the bullet and wrote this for  a themed fun day at work.
Although violets are blues, I’m not man city or Chelsea
Let’s be woman and man united, a book mutually exclusively read
See red wine will not be stronger than our library of love literature
If your smile is your signature, your character is your star sign.
You had with punchlines that’ll make for a ring unboxing
Your stolen heart, the lasting memory of the crime I’m plotting.
You’ve got me popping like candy, let’s taste the sky together
Set the bar so high disbelief wears suspenders.
When your heart’s beat I’ll be your sole defender
Extended play is the music that’ll make our love crescendo
You’re the curves in my jigsaw, the missing peace in my picture
If heaven is a perfect moment I want to spend life and after it with you.

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The Adam Question

Some days I wonder whether Eve in Eden was a case of mistaken identity.

Whether Lizzy or Rachael or Ella were meant to be.

With no childhood memories,

Was their first date a snoozefest laced with pleasantries?

Neither could eat from a template of how they’re meant to be.

With no career or previous history, was their first kiss like conservative virgin sex, full of an awkward intensity?

What was the attraction? Looks or personality or just that she had been made from him for him?

Was she as immaculate as a queen?

Did he need to teach her how to manage the home, cook or clean?

It’ll never reveal whether Eve even had sex appeal

Was love meant to breathe with Eve?

Yes, we see that she was given as his one and only.

Was Adam so lonely or just insanely desperate?

Was he rough and ready to her delicate?

Was she tough and he extremely sensitive?

Had he wanted a slice of heaven for the hell of it?

After the novelty had worn off, did he start regretting it?

Want to curse God for blessing it.

Was he sleeping on her subtleties like a sedative?

Or was the union so heavenly that he wanted to make the best of it.

Knowing she was made for him, did he ever wrestle with this so-called blessing?

After they’d been put together, did angels tell him he’d never looked better?

Did he get that constant reassurance they looked good together?

With no ceremony was this the first true marriage or a cohabitation?

Their mere creation a blessing witnessed by his creator and angels

If Adam had a choice would he have remained faithful?

If we were Adam, would we even be grateful?

Accepting that, though love learns the hard way,

Some lives… you’re made for.

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The poetry of 16.8.14

I promised in my last blog that I would post my wedding speech. For those of you with a spare 20 minutes the full text of it can be found here.

Writing this presented a number of challenges, the main one being to stay true to my style whilst not going over the heads of 97% of my guests.

Having defied tradition and changed the order of the speeches so that I had the last speech, my overriding determination was to craft one of my best ever pieces of art. I wanted a verbal firework display that made minds dance and hearts flutter. I found myself quoting random lines from it on our honeymoon. Nevertheless you can listen to and/ or read the final section of my speech below.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, finally… I hear you shouting

There’s no doubt that, I’ve been waiting to explode and had to keep a dry powder

Studying Maria’s make up so I can wake up to her without it

Showing her God, love and Romance is the water in my fountain

This is not settling down this is merely setting up,

Enough is never enough, when you build with love

Though if fools fall in love and wisdom’s part of the equation

I’ll burn at many degrees of passion and enjoy HER education

How did we meet? The story has around 10 variations. For the purposes of time I’ll take one.

The website says that “Our friendship began in church, God smiled on us and we smiled at each other. The rest they say…is history”

Now when I look back at it, I can see evidence of the classic notion that “God works in mysterious ways”.

Although I met Maria in the summer of 2010, having been invited to a picnic at Trentham Gardens by Andy, the first time we spoke at length wasn’t until a year later.

Whilst the memory of what we spoke about has faded, I remember leaving after 90 minutes to go dancing, only to feel like I shouldn’t have left. I cannot say for certain, that if I had stayed for the duration we’d be married already. What I can say is that it perhaps started the pursuit of happiness, for which I had to train my inside man.

Though some of my Grace Church family will have you believe I’m smoooooth, I prefer the terms prayerful, patient and aware.

I realised that this wasn’t Oceans 11, to be her one and only there could be no elaborate strategy. Prayerful, patient and aware is what I had to be. Call me cooler than your best champagne with a stronger subtlety. I recognise that her heart is more precious than gold, diamonds and platinum in the world banks most protected safe.

Her toy boy by virtue of just 3 weeks, I asked her out on January the 13th 2013. At 12 minutes past 6 on the 21st of January, I nearly fell over in the snow when she agreed to meet for our first date.

One thing you may not know, is that Maria asked me out for our second date, which was a month later.  From then on we’ve never stopped dating.

How did I know that Maria was the one?

Well…I remember the first time we held hands. Watching The Voice realising we were singing our own heart song. That moment told me this is the hand I must hold onto.

Maria, my happy feet moon walked around Saturn when you accepted the platinum.

We were engaged 6 months and a day after the first date.

Love wouldn’t let me wait. Less than 3 months in to our relationship, I had thought to ask you.

A decoy proposal on a picnic blanket, by the time you turned it around, I was on one knee.

A year and 20 days later…. you’ve married me.

Maria Faye what a wonderful name

I’m living the dream because your syllables kinda rhyme with Adrian Duane

We’re officially a couplet.

Our love will never be paint by numbers

Though in the game of scrabble, Mckenze is worth 25 points

Though today we are joined….

This moment has been 32 years in the making.

There’s been 385 days of waiting after 183 days of dating.

Today’s our coronation, a declaration that our hearts are blaze with passionate flames so flagrant.

Eternity is ours so baby it’s your time I’m taking.

I’ll tell the clock to keep running because you keep my heart racing. 

Folk told me all I needed was love and blindly I believed it was true.

Until love opened my eyes and told me that all needed was you.

Only you, no one else but you,

I’m on another planet, not just over the moon.

You make my past stand down so that our future stands up because you are my standard of beauty

You are so beautiful to me.

This Love I have for you will see no heirs.

It’s that rare

So many recognise the light but can’t handle the glare

Today, it’s not just you I gain but the daily choice to invest in

A Love never that sleeps and I’m not that into resting

Like Ray la Montagne says, you are the best thing

Like Robin Thicke says, you centre me

Every day you bring something new to me

My Sexy Cinderella, I can’t wait to kiss you under the moonlight.

As I recognise that real love is made every day, not just wedding night

You are the love story I’ll write with my left hand because I’ll make time to get it right.

(SING) And I don’t wanna bore you with this, oh but I love you, I love you, I love you

Yes I love you
I love you because there’s something about your love

That makes me weak

And knocks me off my feet

Yes there’s something about YOUR love

That makes me weak

And knocks me off my feet

With that in mind could every man woman and child please stand

As I raise a toast to the more than amazing, irreplaceable, love of my life

Maria Faye Mckenzie

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Admission Fee

I’ve been that over zealous Casanova
My supernova’s sleeping on me
Now the flow’s diluted with copious suspicion
Can Jesus still save me if I abort this mission?
I screen time hoping my fears stop watching me
I need those collard greens to replenish my pasture
I’m pastoring my reasoning, preaching prosperity to my pondering
Drowning in the flood of next steps
I am the last breath of a frog prince
The kiss of death may be my only hope
If resurrection is for believers am I agnostic?
I’m weaving memorials with prophecy like a cross-stitch
Cull me or crown me, I’ll live or learn what loss is

I am a badger calling a spade a spade in a game of hearts
I’m on a bored walk hoping cupid can re-tip that dart
I am 180 degrees of honesty on reflection so I know in part
I impart jewels of liberation like engagement rings through inception
Is the kiss of death classed as a public sign of affection?
If so I’m collecting autographs hoping to sell them to the highest bidder
Storage wars rumble on and if I lose I’m a sinner, if I win I’m a saint
Without honour in defeat there’ll be a new past to date
So I watch and wait for that one six o’ eight

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Letter To My Next

I’m hoping my writing will be delivered with perfect timing
My Body clock says it’s a late storm
But I’m hoping you’re… ready to light me
Strike me
Like lightning
Little hater inside me knows I’m ready to fight me
Step outside me, brush aside me
Take residence and step against the not like me inside me
Let you set me on fire till I’m flashing brightly
Red Yellows Blues and Greens
Open my eyes to your ocean colour scene
So that I can read between the waves and motion
Wade in the water of devotion out from the sure
Find you and float in the real and the pure
I already know you’re demure, conscious and prized
I don’t have to throw lines for you to be caught by surprise
In the rule book of life we may have played on opposite sides of the law
Straight fly we know our flaws, know where the floor is
Love knows where the door is but only shows us the key
How you and I haven’t yet met when we’re meant to be?
All I wonder is how can we decide the main verse if we don’t even know the key
Life writes the interlude then the pre
Builds us through our history and creates our future
Establishes the true you
Defines a true me
Our lines have to cross and bind till you and I become a true we
I’m blind to you but I don’t stroll in the dark
We’re just two mammals making our way to the ark
I can’t say that we will be a walk in the park
Or a stroll on the promenade
Times may get hard but I know you are rich in value
We’ve got to value OUR values or there will be hitches
I want to bless and gain blessings through your riches
No name calling. No bastards, no bitches
Lets communicate and scratch itches
Hoping you and I don’t flee
Being hitched is what its made to be
I don’t say cracked because your love mendeth me
I am softer than concrete you are my rose
The rhythm pattern in my flows
You are more precious than ivory,
I’m tall but you heighten me
You are the nightlight and the sunrise
The words of the songbird my heart is talking through
Blood sweat and tears I’ll pour for you
See laborious minds make for victorious times
The moment we step on love
We just stepped on our time
Our landmines
Lets explode together
Touch the sky as we hold the clouds
Have our eyes look up not down
Dry eyes in the midst of a frown
Already a queen already crowned
Yet I want you to have my jewel, my seal
Hold you like shore is held by the sea
Surround you like an orange is its peel
You will be the only temptress to which I yield
True love only exposes
I bring more than a ring of roses
A heart that you can’t dispose of
The strength to strengthen you all over
To be with you I’ll be luckier than the Irish in a field of clover
Intoxicated yet sober
From Timbuktu to the white cliffs of Dover everyone will know the worst kept secret
Richly in love we are meant to be that
Athletic millionaire I may not be that
Subject of my art you can’t just be that
A mere portrait to expose this poets trait you can’t just be that
You are the doctrine
I believe that
A heavenly blessing I know I’ll see that
The real love in me you unleash that
Coffee and sugar we can be that
Cos we need each other can’t you see that?
Unstoppable force meets the immovable object
To me I hope you don’t object as we court
Play ball and enjoy the heat
Love never needs to beat, compare or compete
As long as we have love, friends and family
Faith, harmony in the sanctity of matrimony
No games geared towards getting paid via alimony
Baby and then a divorce
I’m in this for life even if times we stray off course
See life is life but on judgment day when I give that account for all
I want God and all of heaven to know
I was proud on earth to have been
Yours faithfully

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