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5 day poetry Challenge Day 2: Halogen

If vision is a picture of the future that produces passion, why not be a part of the camera?.

Like taking a stranger’s picture in low light, your flash can be a highlight or a lifetime acquaintance..

A memory of a moment that changes the album because it released with its capture.

An aperture for insight like a ramp to a mountain giving the taker a higher definition.

Are we open to being shutters? Quicker than Usain Bolt off the blocks

Sometimes our heads seem so big yet we’re quick to chop

When trouble comes our gift shop has the quickest shutter speed

We forget that we’ve got to be light to allow light to be

Being light there are days when we have dark nights of the soul

Sometimes we darken ourselves,

(And) Although our black hole can be vacuum packed with anarchy

Being light isn’t about being right, it’s doing right

It’s not an act, performance or blind conformance

You can be the torch that’s picked up in the time of a power cut.

A sense of direction for a friend or foe down on luck

Yet we are more than street lights

As sure as your light is not your light and life is not a bed of roses

Why burn for exposure when your wick, stand or circuitry may expose you

Are we too busy posing in the spotlight to realise this is our space to be a Mars Rover?

Seek light knowing good is to take flight,

A window to the soul might need a skylight

You can help a lightweight lift heaviness with a candlelight

Who doesn’t like being around a light

What we feed on can stop us being light headed

We might be matched up to burn so someone can say they found a light

Are you light headed

I write not as a head light but as a highlighter

Seeking to bring light to those think they’re light proof

Reading to make richer bigger pictures

In truth

I just want to play my part and make the load light

Seasons determine if I’m to be a floodlight or a flashlight

With the time I’ve left I know I’ll be alright

So that when mine goes out they can cover me with Matthew 5 14 and 16 to say

I was light

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Odd Future

They said I got a future, odd future gonna kill them all
Advice to ghettoise me, council hall
Playing a game, lacrosse, when they know I can ball
Don’t want to give the drummer some, it ain’t how they roll
All souped to speed past, it’s how they bowl
Call it autumn strike rate, my pedest fall
I’m red and sore, my head is raw
I’m not lion rich, I am bear paw
This eagle saw his eagle claw
Sharpened up his iron to blind them with a metaphor
It was cheesy season, like pizza breeze
Sold him every reason, one word sale of the 7 C’s
So he believes, he found his level,
Etched a sound, got an echo
Stamping ground, found a gecko
Angel in plain clothes, wrestled a devil
Took his head off, wouldn’t let go,
Decapitated, he was animated, selling vision
Restless chicken, he was built for giving
Resurrection, better living
This blessing was, born for stretching
That it did, yet the season stressed him
He got a taste, kept the bottle
American Histoy X’d him, full throttle
Called this apostle Chipotle flavoured Aristotle
Exotic carb the damned falafel too sweet to waffle,
Pigged out on truffles, learned to love the troubles
Hand n’ Heart like the Williams Sisters, Power doubles
Still its my level, not my arena, let me reign, I’ll bring Katrina
I need no pre-nup,
Caretaker climb, I only clean up
Yes they slimed me, Ghostbusters
Me myself and I, family trusts us
To make nice, this odd future
Tie love creation, karma’s suitors
To get it in, tailor Karma Sutra
To Make Life this odd future

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The Couch

The Stronger my Ambition
Longer, harder the Journey is
Soul searching and Journal this
Researching like journalists
Heat Seeker arsenal I’m Sparring and spurning less
Boxing and Jarring yes
Spurring I’m arming best
Practice see there’s no white harte in this lane

Kill it not martyr lest
I barter my art in jest
Gold pounding my heart in chest
Treasure the hearty blessed
Moments so hard to get
Love keeps the heart in check
For wisdom boxed clever preserving this tardy wreck
Just tryin to keep my chart erect
Veering from why I’m elect
See rapping’s just a window pain
My life ain’t mete to burden blame when
will of the weak murders the profane

P.I. Like magnum ice
Want a shot of me pay the price
Toxic bars like Britney vice
Click clacking that’s just my type
Boom Bap’s just how it rides
3 syl a barrel sir name with a faction that factors Christ
Mack 10s grown over night
Celebrity is rolling dice
Pack of cards and poker nights
The house only wins if you control it right

Too many understand with their oversight
Clean off their soap boxes cos flow exposed their hype
Truth is a Thunder Bird, Parker bowling right
Solar rolled insight,
Capitalist phoenix parolled to light
Fallow fields, prodigal coals alike
Modal classic souls like me are sewn to write
Review the menu, choose a thought to bite
A taste to fight, feed a mind aka an appetite
See this skinny man’s living as he flicks out rhymes
I’m just Advised to Inspire, counsellor’s state of mind

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7 December 2009

He cut a disconsolate figure, proud black felt like a silhouette,

He’d once stood like a minaret, dressed minds like vinaigrette, yet he got tossed like salad and got smoked like a cigarette

Everybody called him Nicorette, his hope came and stayed in patches

He never lost his fire to inspire, in spite of job matches that didn’t see him as a catch


Mind never dropped the ball

Head was a whirlpool of hard falls, and big walls

Glass ceilings and doors, familial wars and sores from the pores opened up through feelings of being poor.

December 8, 2009

Felt like every time he tried to work the magic his electricity attracted energies that made him static not ecstatic

He wanted to be ex static using his laboured fruits to gain current, stay current, never need to be a feign lover, always a main lover, man you had love for

Big Brother, future husband, the brightened son that eclipsed the moon and made her beautiful

Inside he stayed truthful like the ocean knowing she will never be a dry mass

He took another class to be class, never cut class as while steadily defining his shape

He was blooming late photosynthesis took place at sunset,

The power of his flower was not enough he needed a run & gun threat

Less heart more head, of logic he was the balanced vet in the game

Politics was a sweet science like boxing yet he fought at range

His jabs hit veins but rarely drew blood,

He was an artist that couldn’t always harness his true love

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The Shake Up

In a world of broken systems I feel imprisoned by people seeing the light through twisting prisms and calling it divinity’s visions
They rule masses with soliloquies written for human fishing, intoxicating minds with a shot to the spirit
Reality is a shock when they get it, the revelation of the code, standing still in disbelief that no real strides were strode
Time bombs will blow with a din like volcanic ash in the wind
Bringing heat to your skin like the sun burning from within
It’s the will to win that keeps you inside the scope
For awards that will never go to those who gave up the ghost
You’ve got fathom your values, value, role and goal and be sold on making the most
Cos life’s never been beach though some love to coast
And in this game show not everybody can host, some of us can boast we’re the audience with the answers
But we have to play careful because our answers have damned us, sometimes hanged us
Honesty is a policy that is priority thankless so pray life thanks us through rewards and blessings.
For the greatest intimacy is hard work… I call it success caressing
But some just love the effing – too much solo stuff makes you blind
Though they be calling this the year two thousand and mine
I wonder is it the year of greed or the year I shine
See disaster’s been the blueprint of my destiny’s design
I want to litter my life with highlights getting higher than street lights without succumbing to the high life and becoming egotistic and blind to humility
Pride is draped in futility pitfalls are covered in mystery
Like unveiling a masterpiece at the Tate Modern success can be met with hostility
So Prepare

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