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A. D. L. D

We arrive as a flash point, late on my time line. 

I’m tongue-tied by your outline. 

Like tour bus based buffets

The taste of your lane is scenic 

Could Morpheus love the Phoenix 

Are angels ever fiendish? 

Do butterflies ever get butterflies? 
Seven syllables make you and I 

Our cloudy memory lanes are filled with melodies of the 6

We are Barry and Iris on a Badu tip 

Is it common sense that I want you? 

You are the voice of napalm singing Psalms 

Every note that leaves you is a lip bomb

Would I adore you be a call to arms? 
You know this is  more than a shuffle of the cards. 

Pepper and Tony Stark 

You’re queen of the odd shaped drum that gives my life a base 

I go Gaga for your poker face 

Is this bad romance? 
I know that 

The 18 steps of our slow dance lack symmetry 

Settling for smaller planets is withering 
You fall for what’s within 

So straight up, 

Your open skies are the needle for my turn table 

Every record you spin opens a book of revelation 
Though multiplexes mapped contact, this is free smoke. 

A road to the after glow found in the clouds 

Running touch lines since our first down 

Will two lasting embraces strike this match? 

Call this time’s greatest catch. 

Are we? 

A delayed story? 


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Admission Fee

I’ve been that over zealous Casanova
My supernova’s sleeping on me
Now the flow’s diluted with copious suspicion
Can Jesus still save me if I abort this mission?
I screen time hoping my fears stop watching me
I need those collard greens to replenish my pasture
I’m pastoring my reasoning, preaching prosperity to my pondering
Drowning in the flood of next steps
I am the last breath of a frog prince
The kiss of death may be my only hope
If resurrection is for believers am I agnostic?
I’m weaving memorials with prophecy like a cross-stitch
Cull me or crown me, I’ll live or learn what loss is

I am a badger calling a spade a spade in a game of hearts
I’m on a bored walk hoping cupid can re-tip that dart
I am 180 degrees of honesty on reflection so I know in part
I impart jewels of liberation like engagement rings through inception
Is the kiss of death classed as a public sign of affection?
If so I’m collecting autographs hoping to sell them to the highest bidder
Storage wars rumble on and if I lose I’m a sinner, if I win I’m a saint
Without honour in defeat there’ll be a new past to date
So I watch and wait for that one six o’ eight

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La La

Lost and alone

Dog with a bone

The reflection has shaken me

Stirring my mojo into a molotov

I burn with indecision


Happy moments stolen like penny sweets

What am I buying?

Finding fallacies in forever

Planning orchards, cursing thorns

Am I alive until the death of a rose?


Turbulence framed as trivial recruiting

Meteoric melancholia manifests

Poker handshakes and chess kisses

Clandestine hope in bloom resides

Indifference wrestling lasts another round


Lost and alone in deeper waters

The tide of good fortune is in

Chewing all that rests before me

Standing to ponder the scale of my win


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The Seed

I’m so happy its getting hard to get angry
This emotion isn’t under me, but you’ve got to understand me
The mind is a garden and with the pen I’m a little handy
Yet I’m in the purgatory of this penmanship, a fly guy on happy landing
This rose bed has some thorns that I’m sure one day will crown me
In this diary of a late bloomer I’m not a slave to my roots but I’m grounded
See though I want to be down with a crew that love haters and hate “fakers”
I’m feeling too logical to be creative.
I’d have to saw off my shotgun though it’s in need of maintenance
I might spit some fire, maybe a pond or a whole lake of it
Drop science, create soap, eat a whole cake of it
Yet deep down I’d be the faker just for the sake of it
Maybe this season I’ve a reason to a take a break to make a break.
View the pasture and start landscaping it.
Where art becomes business I need my logic to feel creative

You can be antique or antiquated, glib or venerated
Despite a thunderstom of grief, this rainbow is so insatiable
I’m karma collecting calmness with my carpal, ainimating intimations
I found my mind to be the limit, now I’m a moonraker
A klondike of idyllic nature, standing like the Durj Khalifa
I’ve anaesthetised anathema so now I’m a designer without a model
An atheist made a zealot for the throne she’s the queen of
They say I’m hooked on a feeling that I deeply believe in
My hearts been given to the best bidder without a need for stealing
I want to penetrate every layer of what makes her appealing
If the bait was being myself then I wasn’t very hard to reel in.
So transparent yet so strong I could call it glass sealing.
Arrest by unconditional love is what I call state policing
He’s the light and she’s prism on which my rainbow is feeding
Tower of babel we ain’t, yet I meditate until my soul makes a seizure
For what we ought to be is not revealed yet
We are tighter than ribbons of titanium, allied to the alloy of a name that cannot be bettered
Still I shake like prisoners on hunger strike when the appetite of my pen isn’t whetted
Am I greedy?
See, I’ve lived in rivers writing riotous rhymes like lions climbing gazelle mountains
Yet abundant abounding sirens beat my ear drums like hooks to the face from father time
That she is sweetly singing to my soul like crystals catching the winds of Pentecost
I was lost to my foundation with a heart full of stone.
We clicked and I was thrown
Yet it seems I’m right at the start of a poem with no end anticipated
I got blinded looking at the son now I believe in germination
Loving our love defying logic cos finding her was inspiration at best

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Love Letters from the Hood vol 4.

I school you like black folk being shown the boondocks
Every time I tick your boom box
My second hand ruins clocks
With cold play the room the rocks
My motion is curt so I sniff Cobaine
Get you high and ready for my purple reign
In principle I’m weather vain
So blow me like the winds of indoctrination
See I lay you then lay claim to you
You are my patent
You’re micro soft to my bad apple
Peach queen,
Your juices energise my saddle
Reducing Ginuwine’s first line to babble
Said I’m not bachelor and
Your bad ass is making this soft boy harder
The way you rub so incisively
You thrilling me killin’ me
Said I’m so anxious
I’m trippin’
I’m stumbling
My lips are fumbling like a nervous young bomber
Mama, Mama, Mama
Martyr this moment
This is just a second row hit,
Don’t come till we hit the back of the line
You’re a serial killer with your tongue tied
Around my hung rhyme
My epic piece
Not written with a biro in hieroglyphics
I got a fountain pen
Recognise the thesis,
Acknowledge me like Romulus and Remus
Respect the architect, like Guru and his nuances
I’ll show you,
You already knew what the blue print is
Yeah I got reasonable doubt like Hova did
I ain’t mad atcha cos I’m fallin just the same
Caressing those white cliffs of dover
I don’t want this to be a once hung
Like Suge Knight trying to sign Vanilla ice
I need more than 20 stories
36 chambers
Most definitely
I want us to be the new danger
See a quiet dog may bite hard
But a real man guards the keys to a heart
Will you fight for this love
Or just watch the throne
I don’t want to be alone

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