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7 A.M.

20170401_192908About to be the 3, 5, I’m laid up with teenage fever.

Feeling like Janet Jackson without the safety of a pre-nup

Our roads, different, we ran on petrol and diesel

Our roads different, supposedly Adidas and Asics,

Drumming our bases, we found laces/ electrifying connections like both worlds were tasered

Face to face we were a fumbling fortress of ferocious fondness

Maybe I’d been chasing Amy or maybe Gin met Tonic

See London at 1.30 birthed 7am in Germany

Had to check mate like we were head to toe in Burberry.

The bucket list met a vision causing intercontinental collision

Audibly adrenaline was all the way up, like it was a day of ascension.

There were starry eyed smiles brighter than Borealis,

The aura of sharp shooters turned battlefields to gardens

How do you spend time with someone and feel like you’ve left with a bargain?


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New Year New You?

The clock has ticked and we’re now two weeks into 2013. Some people make resolutions, promises
to all and sundry as to what they are going to do differently. As is commonly said, most of that goes
out of the window the moment that life starts to take shape. Would we be better off not making
promises or exclamations? What does new year / fresh start mean to you?

My one and only promise to myself is that I will water and nuture the seeds I had planted last year.
Sometimes we know what we’d like to happen in advance, sometimes we leave it and hope for the best.
If anything, it is most important to be comfortable with the season of life that you are in

It is not about the sweeping changes that you can immediately create or accumulate. It is about how you’re
going to keep going even when you are happy with your curent state of affairs. As a baby when its born,
adapts to its new environment and communicates in the only way it knows how. We must “give birth” to
newness be prepared to adapt/ nurture that through the seasons.

If we truly believe in fresh starts regardless of the time of year then it is for us to lay to rest the stigma
of our bad experiences. Unshackle ourselves from fear and doubt. Ultimately bury the chapter of pain and
never dig up its grave. Accept that season of nothingness as a season of rest. Cling to those things that
make us smile naturally. You don’t need to wake up singing the soundtrack from “Thesound of music”.
Bring yourself to a place of being thankful that somebody, somewhere, was looking out for your suffering to stop.
Accept the light that’s trying to shine in your life.That first minute always seems blinding until you see
something beautiful in the light. Let that first beautiful thing you see, be you!


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I …. don’t want to feel like my intelligence is a crime

Like…I’m so up there you come up to me for air


Only to deflate your heart because my sublime

Analogies are acquired tastes like kiwi or lime

For I’m …that tree with roots and if you climb inside my mind

I will bear fruits and consume your heart with my juices

I’m hoping we share more conversation than bodily fluids

Druids maybe old school like my principles

But if I make your body sing at all, it will be because our hearts were first in tune

Myself I prim and prune, like the constant gardener

A gladiator with your calmness and poise and ardour

See I want our battleground to be a fairground where weapons are toys

Where ploys are used to engage and not enrage but enrich our connection

Knowing yourself, rep your section show me self affection

Before my intervention,

Before I become the selected centre of your attention

See my intention is to know the time, work your clock

Locate the battery, then if we click, we rock

Polish each other like rough diamonds

You say you’re simple like Simon but I’m hoping that your complexity comes at me from all angles

Decorating your beauty like bracelets, bangles, baubles

I’ll be standing tall because I was prepared to let my thoughts go and fall for you

Where there is naught for I or you to prove we can be one were two

Divided but Undivided conquered by requited forces overriding our logic yet uniting our better natures

Nurturing our pens as we write without erasers, chapters over pages of life until we find each other in the heart of an anthology

We are made to make mistakes but with life moving too fast to take breaks we leave ourselves in the hands of fates narration of our unrevised biography

As yet if my geared mind intimidates and forces your apology for your inability to meet me ideologically halfway, then either you’re punching above your weight or I’m punching below mine

See I am inclined to fall in line for the dovetail, feel loves gale but I am not designed for wastes of time

Not a booty call or a life line only for you to hang up with your hang ups putting me out to dry because you cleaned me out with your dirt

If you aspire to profit from my self worth then I decline to be a short–term mirror of your worst flaws

So pause

Before you sharpen your claws you better ask yourself if losing yourself in the roars of this lion will lead you to Zion or expose you as fraudulently desirous

When loves been a losing game and the stakes are high risk

Remember you don’t get the luck of the Irish just because someone commands your iris

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Notes on a week part 1

Effectively this weeks notebook,  poetic scrawls and other writing. Enjoy!

4th Jan 2010

I want you so badly see

I’ve been trying to find a good one

You’ve just landed see

Want you to wade in to my sea

Man up and handle me

Love is blind so let us swim


5 January 2010

You may not have asked me for it but I know you want it

The concept affects my make up like a bad orthodontist

We make for classic reading like Charlotte Bronte

In spite of all that’s gone you hint that I’m the one

Every day feels like a slow walk to Rubicon

I can’t decide whether it’s a lead weight or a plated medallion

6 January 2010

So it the fan and the tears spray

It’s a time when I all I want to do is pray

Will he hear me?

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