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Waste man’s world

I need a new concept and I know that its ridiculous

Excuse me lady can I take your particulars

You know I’m God’s gift a smoother St Nicholas

Say I’ll take you to the moon or nowhere in particular

Can I get in to your knickers love ah damn my shame

Your hole’s my goal so now you know my aim

If I put my hands on your frame I’ll get in to your brain

Tell you to to picture us and how we’ll be loves reign

Fill you with becoming though I’m no more than a cum stain

I’m a good man’s nemesis you’l be the mess that he gains

See I need a new concept and I know that its ridiculous

If I achieve my goal I promise I’ll stick to us

Screw and move my honesty wasn’t meant to be pernicious

It’s a dog eat dog world but your meat will be delicious

Cos I’m a fool


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I wonder what if I had disobeyed so called guidance and played to the gallery of my strengths. Raised my number of reasonable grades and been between the C and A’s my intelligence deserved.
I wonder if I’d told them where to stick their work now play later ethics would I have earlier learned to be less reserved.
For now I yearn to enjoy life like I should have when I was younger.
I wonder what if it was me who went to a university in a city of stars and high lives, would I get high fives or sharp knives.
Would I be the subject of study rather than disdain.
I wonder if they’re blind to the real me because I haven’t met expectations.
I play strong silent until I’m burdened with vexations.
I’m too fly to be off the handle so I endure with patience yet I have to sell like Asians, the essence and science of my ingrained convictions.
Prove myself worthy of my existence.
I wonder why they call a spade a spade yet dirty my kitchen because they really ain’t digging the true me.
See sometimes they claim to know me better than I do yet can’t act on the mirror like I do.
Maybe its because I know my reflection.
History repeats itself like the gloomy mist after a conservative won election.
All I ever heard was my imperfection until I did them a favour and played to their favourite phrase of “you don’t listen” just so I can learn to love me.
Not sometimes
But always.

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