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11 / 30 – The switch

Sweet natured berry

Your pain left the world with you.

Love and pain blurring

The cycle pedaled

Your light’s ever bright

Framing you through us


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Bos’n What?


They caught them
They caught them

Caught the suspect
Now they’re being sus pecked
Are they sure they did it?

Lying in a boat under a tidal wave of outrage
In the backyard where the law’s come to play
Are they sure they did it?

What happened to being dark skinned?
What happened to being Saudi
Maybe still a muslim
What is it about them

Worst since 9/11 or just Oklahoma?
Even if they didn’t do it they’re about to catch law coma
Are we bout to lose sight of drones in Iran
Tyrannical glaucoma
Bed time for bad news
Would all chechens disown em?

Who did they work for?
Surely they’re not alone
America wins again
Straight to DVD or will it blow the rest out of the market for silver screen and real gaming
Are North Korea going to laugh and take another aim
Pop a warning flare just to up the game
Who’s got the bigger muscle
was this simply you’ve been framed

I don’t know
Have you any doubts in tow
On back of what I see there can only be death row
They’ll be in their own boat
Unmarked 6 under
Which country will this be another excuse to plunder?

Will they drone strike all 50 states
Or those with an immigrant face
Will blacks and arabs get a pass
Or will they resume service another day?

For the families of the victims and the injured I pray
Never forgetting millions more die in bomb blasts every day
They wont get the rolling headlines
Or even a headstone
In a war on hate, my love reaches out alone

They were kings for a day, then died on the throne
Does the American Dream still exist
Being taken out by your own?

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Thank You

Reunited with Grandad

Reunited with Grandad

Can’t believe this is goodbye
I can’t remember my first hello but I still…remember you
Life is that circle that I want to make square right now
Time showed you eternity and dressed you in heaven
Thank you for the father you leave me with
Thank you for every word that came from the heart of God in you
Thank you for showing me his face when I couldn’t see my way
Thank you for being a rock for the family
Thank you for being there
Life happens but in death you still fought
It’s like in the heat of a battle that was not yours as you left through the door
You left the message that the battle is not ours
Your latter showed you greater than the sum of us
It doesn’t add up how you the ever present is now past
You are the gift I’ve been able to unwrap
So I say thank you

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Goodness, Gracious, Me

As clocks tick,
boxes dip
Another click
A buttoned lip
Eyes shut
The solemn drips
Loosening grip
A name that slips
All want us to kneel
Accentuate real
To hurt and to heal
To birth and to feel
Their pain
They want to us to feel
Their pain again
They want to us to feel
Their pain again
Where is outrage
They want the grief front page
Publicity umbrage
They’ve got it so flaunting
Dead sons aunts and.daughters
Yet I’m getting bored of
This game
They want to us to feel
Their pain
They want to us to feel
Their pain again
How can this be real
When told what to feel
Not sold on the deal
For real
like being force fed a cake
That I didn’t bake
They wants jaws to ache
Whole souls to be raked
Yet my soul is being raped
By choices I didn’t make
How many addicts do you need!
For your sympathies
I’ve no blood left to bleed
Or place for my feet
With that left for me
I barely can be
So please comprehend
I cannot pretend
That I truly stand
With all and hold hands
Grief stans for yours
My release could be raw
Yet I know for sure
You’ll be exhausted to Stan
All mine


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I was randomly sent the song “Angel” by Sarah Mclachlan and told to listen to it – its not my style of music by any stretch but it meant a lot to the person who sent it. Some how it reached into my soul and made me write and so I share its impact with you.

Sometimes I wish I was covered in angel dust
Not the kind that people snort and snuff
The sort that speeds the clock when times get rough
The sort that turns up when I’m needing love
needing a second hand to hold mine when my head spins like time
I can’t see how I’m ticking cos my eyes are full of lines
Folk say I’ve too many stars in my eyes to have a meteoric rise
I’ve given them food for thought but who ate all the pies
Not me
See I’ve brought flavour to a table of struggling ingredients
Cooked it up in a pot of theirs and my experience
The heat sends them delirious they leave feeling fearless
Untouchable like a woman on her period
And I’m left peering out, thought I was nearing out
but instead I’m kneeling down praying for heaven to hear me out
Like English weather in November things are dreary now
Burning bad bridges to embers and clearing out
Only seems to make things eerie now
When dark tunnels had direction I could feel them out
Drowning sorrows wont work I can’t beer me out
They will drown me in depths of self mistrust
So sometimes I wish up on angel dust
Not the type that people snort and snuff
I know that when I’m down I’ll need some love
So God sent an Angel

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