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Sounds of Blackness


These are the sounds of blackness

If we stay measured by our grinding we’ll never sharpen up our axis

Scene stealers bring the heat but it seems we lack match practice

Not light on our feats, we’re dancers when we ought to be actors.

We stage plays until we’re lost in scrabble like crabs in a labyrinth

Quoting Lauryn Hill until our X -Factor becomes an ex-factor

Command and conquer has me on red alert with our allies fakin’ basement jax

Hipsters’ hula hoop with hegemony until free style is legalized and we remain blood donors

We say the onus is on us to own us so that we are for us by us

Yet mantras dissolve like sugar cane in coffee cups because nobody wears F.U.B.U

Its heir conditioning

We love a smiley culture, accepting urban as our synonym

Lost in the dark the loan sharks claim all the benefits

We do the mathematics while the denominator plays percentages

The N is friend and nemesis yet the beaten tracks remain pendulums

I’m so stirred by the barge pole to our differences I boil with my pencil tips

I question time while I mastermind stealing money from penitentiaries

There’s no full disclosure why we play Uncle Tom to get Meredith

Bludgeoned by the tomato in the melting pot, our fruits become vegetables.

Insanity is palpable when we become cordial, edible, diluting our primordial forces

3 percent leviathan there’s simply no denying the 97 percent are buying us.

Hoodies and patois mean gangster until the right people license it

I turn off the radio because folk only listen to what the pirates’ ship

Twerking their blurred lines old as the night sky

Don’t be naive as the promise of fidelity during a summer of 69

They may think they’re robbing thick; it’s more like shopping from Be Wise.

Do popular culture aborigines need a rabbit proof fence?

Questions posing for the picture I hate this i-coonography

Boys dancing in their Jordan’s we see no trainers like Michael

Worship at the church of struggle using perception as the bible

We’re making up the numbers

It ain’t fair ground with these Malibu minded

Coconut shy stunters

See though frames display anything, it’s self-love before any man

Soul raw like Tracy Emin giving birth to a tribe of Eminems

I fight for coffee’s place at the table and inhale the war of the roses for water has no enemies

Where choice is a figure of speech undressed by extra capital

We’ve all got across to bear, don’t call me Paddington

Survival tactics like silver back ants in Saharan Africa

Best work in the sun, rest in the shade, upgrade your engine room

I mean there’s no use plucking Garveyisms like the last feathers of a Christmas turkey hoping the message strikes when even the teachers aren’t learning

London’s bridge is burning; I’ve got Fanon, Farrakhan, and Martin Luther to listen to

Living’s a tough job we’ve got to make it out of the inner view

With these, the sounds of blackness.

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I’m Waiting

Some days …
I get sick of waiting
Staring at my calendar
Though I’ve given up dating
Like 30 days hath September
Waiting for the one
Is there really no end to?

Praying and leaving it
Believing that
God works in mysterious ways
This mere heathen asks
Can’t one of them be simple
Holding tight my little faith
Feels like I’m ever squeezing a pimple
That’s never ready to burst
Waiting feels so blessed and cursed

Saving myself for the best
I’ve seen the worst
Trying to kill old bad habits
Some need to be re-hearsed
running out of tales to re-verse
Memories to be burned
Time is money
I’m scraping a deep purse
Saving is burning a hole in my wallet
This is arson I’ve got it
I’m just an insurance scam
The nice guy burnt down
For women to claiim their right man
I am
Left selfishly freely
I feel greedy
For the fact I’m not needy
I got me so I don’t need me

Planting new connections
Call me seedy
I write so you can read me
The riot act to be me
The water of reflection
I splash so you can sea me

On the sidelines
For my who will be my by line
The lashes for my I line
To blink could be a sky fire
We’ll collide but why’do I I
Touch up on the nest egg
To forget that you even exist
cos maybe
When I commit to
We’ll live

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Beyond the Valentine

Before it starts… the excuse
Like losing the war in Afghanistan to the Taliban
Claiming job done and pulling the troops
Before it starts… the excuse
Like changing the locks based on the entertainment news
Or dying your hair claiming you’re giving life to new roots
Or claiming you’re broke so they could pay more dues
Or painting a mood so you could rage at their blues
Claim their hanging with their friends to much it’d be a shame to lose
However it starts….the excuse
The white lies and dark truths that
Litter your cerebellum with a new stinging addendum
February the 14th is coming and it’s the day you’re going to end on
So you warm up your tendons
Check your fast twitch fibres
Hide the lock pick and put your podium up higher, for you
Are number one
They are not worthy
Someone like you they’ll sing but of Adele’s CD, they’re not worthy
Usher can let it burn me you think, for I am the game
Rip my lips off the rose and take my breath away
Club this seal to the grave and dance
This is your romance
A joust without a lance
A night without a fable just an excuse on the table that
February the 15th will be like new years day cause
This termite
Stalactite had you static right?
If they liked it then there’d be a ring on it
But for a kiss you already want to think on it
And 2 weeks can lead to 5 minutes and 1 digit
Can lead to 9 months and 18 years and then
Half of everything
But however it starts…the excuse
You’ve got to come clean and take a bow
Beyond the valentine

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Not Fussed

After 12 months of insinuation
Periodic dating and grown man making
This connection I’m intimating
We should be integrating
Yet she put me on hold said she’s re-evaluating
Seems she went into her shell when I asked her to exclusively date me
We could have had a baby or been on Chelsea lately
I don’t rate me but I don’t want to be a talk show
All we’ve been is a talk show
And all our talks show is we’ll never be ready for each other
I’ve sunk dates like battleships but with her why’d I even bother
I could play big brother but it would be incest cos we’re more than friends
We’ll ne’er bump ends because we love playing dodgem and the challenge is a treat
Got me wondering why she claimed to be getting dusty on the shelf when her insecurity rendered her interest incomplete

You could have taken a leap but your no leopard though you’re coated in spots
Am I hot or not’s your million dollar question
You’re good enough not to be lesbian but you’re a thespian wrestling with too many choices of script
Tight ass and tight lipped but you’re comfort zone is fright light
I want to live in more than your dreams like Freddie Kruger on a Fright Night
Be the entertainment like Friday night fight night, kiss you till your brain tells my eyes night night through yours
Damn I’m tired of being the nice guy du jour
I’m not begging you to be mine, I’ll let my light shine hot and raw and
I’ll eclipse your vicarious visions of affinity with my femininity matured masculinity
And all though my pride is not easily disturbed, maybe my desperation was my the creation of my interest and not you being best as why I’ve never kicked you to the curb.
And while I’ve rarely cared what you’ve thought of me, maybe we’re not in to each other as we ought to be

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So Anxious

You’ve got me wondering whether you’re thinking of me as much as I think of you cos

I’m feeling you and I’m hoping you feel that same way like a drone bee waiting to mate with the queen

Like a lottery winner who doesn’t believe that they picked the right numbers

Like, I’ve got yours and you’ve got mine but the way we dial into each others sense of self has got a different tone

A different ring, you and I started with a different kind of hello and even though I’ve said many hello’s and been hung up on, said many goodbyes you’ve got me feeling like I’m starting a whole new conversation

It’s like you’re taking me to a whole new school where reading you is the hardest part of my study

To make music like Musiq and be the definition of a Buddy would really be fly yet you’re in no rush to take off

You’re so fly but there are no in-flight instructions other than to be cool as we rewrite the rules of engagement, lay pavements to wherever the you in couple and I in time takes us.

See I know what makes us can break us because intimacy is dangerous, de-range us estrange us, but as long as we remain us we can be us, see us with purpose

I dare you to believe our similarities and differences got me nervous because you’re a mirror image of an inner me present and desired

I’d love to be your king but I’ve been de-sired so often I’m used to playing hide and seek with my crown

So many chips claim to be down until I light their gas for the cook up

When this chef gets the look up you see my ingredients are so raw at their heart

It’s like Remy Ma tellin Nicki Minaj to look up even though she’s got the hook up

I want to write a new chapter, your time I want to book up, put epic verses in your calendar

Invigorate you with a lavender ever be a challenger of your psyche

Show you this spectacled black man has direction, Spike Lee

My system knows you are my Air not sportswear Nike,

I just want to confess you’re my Woman not Goddess yet my Victory

So smoking you’re calling the royal we a hickory infused, literary ruse

Can’t I just be your muse?

See I’m so anxious, I don’t just want a mo’ better blues

I choose to live in the colour purple, I’m royalty in my temple

And this bear in the window is no longer for rental so check out my terms

Remember creamy crack burns so don’t let me in your hair let alone your head

I’m well read so you can explore my heart but don’t burden me, passionately burn with me, fervently take me to the moon and your soul kiss the earth with me.

Release me from the purgatory and see if we fit just perfectly.

Love is a fight club just don’t Tyler Durden me cos curiousity killed the cat but this anxiety could kill you



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