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Paper Clips

Old space, new space, mental illustrations
I’m armed strong yet its blue space
My space is what I face
Book, because I write n’
Page Dr true face
Facts, my opinion’s boot lace
Front, wig splitting like atoms
You’re the bomb they say
Till I explode at them, invigorate
Introvert label because, I diss integrate
Cheese, I’m not in to grade
Bees, because I am A
M without the pause
Dogging you explicitly
Metaphorical voyeurism eliciting
Soul without soliciting
Isms and schisms
Jamaican? Well it’s a ting
Grapefruit, great fruit
If you play on words you ate fruit
In a house of cards you play suit
Dance still your jig’s saw
This poetic paper cut’ll make you talk about a rip roar

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Star Hazing

You don’t need to cook

I can feed you with my poetry book

My mob’s deep, my pen got that Floetry look

I model topless the title’s a naked headline

Pout with my prose

The truth in my rows ain’t head lyin’

Make music cos I’m a pure lyre

Heart crying, tall stories,  it pays per spire

Call me ass pyre or spitfire

Jamaicans call me de sire

Drama, king of hotlines

Call me prime time with my hotlines

Feed you so much from my books you guys even got spines?

Treat you like my concubines

Every poem’s a gilded globe in the spotlights

This groups so dark, my subjects have you even got lights?

Bold verbs and pot nights here’s another verse another a thriller

I’m the rare beast in this jungle

Silver backed gorilla sippin on Sasparilla

Now where’s my Oscar ?


You want an Oscar for a hot what?

Poet stop lying to me

Your pen got the horn?  I’m a hunt you for ivory

Eat your title for breakfast and regurgitate your lie berry

Exterminate your species I don’t want to read your library

The hills are alive to me poet stop creating mountains

I pour out my soul you set up water fountains

Your art stop pounding it

Like maize you need to knead it, flavour agents not spews

10 daily posts like you got a muse to rock views

Heck I’m a stop reading it,

Even glee would stop believing it

5 poems a day like “that’s my good deed innit”

You want re-views like DVD’s cos if I like it’s something

We all love to share but poetry dumping?

It’s like giving away the numbers of everybody you slept with

Ate and crept with

Made a bet with but never followed up after

Take time to lick your lips like LL between chapters

Cos right now you’re like hydrants in the ocean in case of a rig blast

How long will your ink last,

The last post you got to think past call it meteoric fall

So many productions will be fall from abyss

Twilight ball

I crush microphones like cochineal beetles

Pink blast

Torturing preening rhymes by mean ink and metaphors

Gimp mask

Exposing every baller who burns the rock instead of smoking it

No Handle

Ripping the cape off every heir to the bardship leaving them naked in winter

No mantle

Hollowing out every stump that dumps its branches in my yard

U scrape barrels

Piercing every soul with your eyes

Mia Farrow

Mellow fellow but there’s no hello test tube babies in poetry

Don’t call me narrow, yeah we be a harrow yet we are a hallow


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I’m sorry that I can simplify your insecurity complex

Even though your convex hips and curves give me dreamy nerves

My endings, my cables be rendering you as my Anna of the Green Gables

I’ve got a light bulb and a spanner

Clothes shopping with you would give me more smiles than a town planner given their own island, but I’m sorry

That you wobble more than your wobbly bits even though I think you’re curvy luscious, voluptuous and tight

Even though I show you Love Jones and recite A Blues for Nina like I was your Brotha to the night

I make you wish I was white and I’m sorry

Sorry that I’m just not swag enough

Ghetto black enough,

Want to hit it but not smack you tough

Gym rat, thank you and bang you gruff

Proper English, multi-level conversation but not slang enough

Just not African, just not Yardie

More Laurel & Hardy than Gyptian and Marley

Vibing like Fugee La in our Shangri la with Hugh Masakela

Seem I’m only on your radar for my niceness,

I’m not Osiris, you’re not Isis, a great catch but not a virus

I wrote my values on papyrus, so after the file is ingested

Know that I’m sorry that you’re just not interested

You took out me out with the insurance claim that you were interested,

So I means tested and found you cared to give me a little time without your mind or true get to know you time invested

Body banging like African Drums but once the lust was digested

The connection stung and felt like a rat infested hornets nest its

Like you’re being pestered with the bug of too good to be true

Like a hair dresser to uncle Fester your head you need to rake through

Notions of sweetness, meanness, the real man bleep test

Oh you’re not a risk taker…I’m sorry

You’re a lover not a faker, I’m sorry you’re just being honest, I’m sorry

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet but a bigger engine to move on from it

So I’m Sorry


I write a love letter to the beat because I really, really be


Sorry that I’m the just next just trying to break a hex

You’re so vex like T-Rex because of your ex so to you I’m Mr Poetic X

Buck wild instead of bucking the trend

Good company and sex hoping the cycle will end

Screw it Buck it I’m sorry

Thought you were a diamond mine, you’re a neglected quarry

Sorry, sorry I’m really sorry

I can be the lorry that hits you from the blindside

Takes you off the road have you singing when we collide

Biffy Clyro

Instead you’d rather play Spyro

Showing a little flame while you play your game and shake your Ting Tings

That’s not my middle name,

21 seconds and you’re out for fame another notch called a Victory

Smoke without fire this story really isn’t Hickory Dickory

Jackanory cock story,

Pop that booty, lock me off and ride to glory while I cry poor me

See I’m richer for the experience, exposing your interest as desperate or delirious

I’m not really weary it’s just that my truth is always serious

I’m passionately clear because I romance in deed, I really want to need but because of want I bleed

So I’m sorry


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Shooting You Down

They say I’m under the radar like the half of the artists that I listen to
Ever writing poetry about love pain and bliss with who
Be flavour of the month inclined or declined
That card carrying bible basher whose hearts been re-spined
I…got my back bone, I’ve given out a back bone
Times I frustrated and intimated how I’ve been so alone
Never been a snow cone, colder than a frosty freeze
Hot up by attention only for them to chat breeze
See I got lie detector on not for I to get laid
Putting chicks to sleep for those egg heads I can’t raid
Unequal yolks, feigned heat the whole charade
Kiss kiss bang bang naivety made of total a notch of ade
Getting hyper snappy you can call me gator ade
For so long I’d been its been nice see ya later ade
Crossed paths like a funky braid, fell out with my hair dresser
Now my mind wants the narrow paths more than some heffa named Vanessa
Finally with hands clasped, eyes closed on my knees
I’m saying believe this please, all the you and me’s that I could of been were never deemed to be adequate
My hearts now a moving target so the sniper best be accurate
Inspired by this track

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Butterflies emerge from my cocoon

Life’s desire to breathe, free up my front room

My place amongst the stars seems so far,

But I know it’s just a few steps and a dream that separates me from where they are
See mists and oceans, mask my devotion, why’ve I got to drown just to fly?

When flying is close to dying if you get too close to the sun

I think we call it soul mates if you get too close to the one.
For getting too close or fear of flying breaks your heart and starts your dying,

Your love was not lying when it just wanted to live

So let it live in you for all the world to see,

Let it fertilize your dreams,

Everyone’s flight begins with fear, so many don’t get so near,

And even if your journey ends in tears and a disaster

You took a chance and that’s what matters
So shall we dance?

Flip the coin and forget where it lands

Flip the script forget the steps,

Sweeter than crepes, lets savour the place

R Kelly stepped in the name of love we stomp the yard in this place
Scoff the food from thought without saying grace,

Its a saving grace
This private attire
We melt hearts into one and solidify our desire
See no one devalues this gold
Heart’s radiant heat is too much to fan

For it is as we are
The priceless I am

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