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10/ 30 Many roofs

Reluctant comfort
Hillsong is not my heart song
Unhappy feet dance
Dessert or new soil
Thirst overwhelms me
The word is my well
Hats and tambourines
Torrential tongues firefight.
No doubt, home is home

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5 day Poetry Challenge Day 4 – Making It

This particular poem was written circa October 2004. Having discovered and fully embraced spoken word in 2003, it is one of my earliest spoken word pieces.

Realistic is talent to deal with harshness

Faith when you’re stuck in a camp like Auschwitz

You’re proud when it’s over but then you get a blessing

For you held on to grainy faith

Though you were at your wits end.

You may want to help the world…may never happen

Only way to live your life is like a lantern

Lighting others pathway

Just keep your head high don’t ever be trampled

And be a classic song…not a beat sample

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Inhaling our reign beau

Breath of Life

Your love is wholesome and elevating like a flower raising in the heat of the sun.
You gave your only one
We desire your will so that we can become
Our eyes fixed on your throne hearts broken for you who lifts our head
We find favour when we are lead by your hand
We were once tossed and driven by every wind, every plan
You are sailor taking our wheel in hand
Your spirit whispers into our sails that we are priceless
You didn’t need to be sold to
Righteous, you embrace and give life to the broken
With every word spoken you embolden our bones
Clothing us with a radiance that out glows gemstones
Strengthens better than any precious metal
Your blessing is never stressful, When we can pray, what do we fret for?
We never expect more but still you give
I am because you live
I breathe because you gave
I am unworthy but you never deserted me
So I return to you daily with praises
You don’t care about staging
Our relationship is for all life stages
Our prayers are more than sky writing
I love you Lord for loving the low life
You give us highlights with guidance
So we strive to decorate our lives with perfection because your temple’s inside us.

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Periscope of Fidelity

Eyes of the world

Hearts like hats worn on a building site
Fear of spirit falling on heads to build insight
Fists balled with bitterness raring to fight the fire that might engulf their candor
Lips quiver like arrows, as words strung like viola symphonies strike chords of disdain

Like an abandoned child they rage at the sound of your name
Yet you turn up for them to gain as a parent bringing presents
You never buy love or deny love

Your words are ammunition when the bullets of desires gun have run (out) like the colour we are clothed with.
You are the enigma that deciphers our coding when our world war seems to disciple us wiith solemn foreboding
Wars water us with a will that we flow in
Until we see the son we don’t grow into our perfect clothing
We simply exchange windows so that we can see pain
The light is a memory that we shade with outlines of truths we saw with one eye open
You never stop glowing, like a battalion of fire flies even though smoke is the inferno

How can we want heaven to open without having hell to go through?
How can we write our own bible of greatness without getting to know you?
Is it because we lie in a bed of lies because they are so reliable?
Or because the mantra of atrocity without empathy is the vial that feeds our leviathan

Who made us Poseidon?
Which plague of no trust left us in denial
Who darkened our in sight and left us with a braillle file
When you call us to reconcile why do we ask why and revole
Our perfect hurt has its own healing season
So help us to see past our past, re-reveal you

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Feet of my Father

DCF 1.0

Dare to Dream with your eyes open.
You’ve got the shoulders to roll with the punches.
You no longer need hunches just trust in me.
Hold my hands in faith like you never have.
A child crosses roads with his parents until he can walk alone but I will never leave you.
I will never release you, I will relieve you of pain.
In me you have all to gain
I remain the same and guide you through change.
It is all for My Glory.
I know you adore me so I hold you in my arms.
I see your heart and know your pain.
My promises are those on which you can remain.
I knew you before there was day.
I loved you before you could say Abba Father.
Where you need me, I conquer.
When you believe me, receive me, heed me your path will no longer be darker.
I am the light.
My Spirit gives insight
I know your plight yet I grant your good desires.
I am Love
I created man that he could praise me.
My son died, in 3 days I raised him.


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Men’s Retreat 2013: Meditative Painting

Under your wings of serenity
Your presence ever present nurtures my gift.

Intense memories fade
No longer engraved
Resurrection framed by your sun

It’s a beautiful day.
Like newborns at play with a smile
Love is a new child
You’ve got to help it grow.

Your time’s without digits
Your fruit I dig it
Harvesting all I am, from you.

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Last Words

Like the refrain of a keeper who got taken for a night stand

The last words of a fool brought the birth of a wise man

Shoulda would coulda became I am I can

I stand,

Up like a hyped fan, hardcore on the terraces

I man

Up on the premises, with knowledge of my nemesis

I ran, up in the heresies of Sadducees and philistines

Casting stone chips from the Exodus tablets to which they’ve been blind

Like medicine for ignorance water for chocolate

Too many yell F the world but I just sleep on top of it

Don’t care if my type will fit I’ve too many keys to be bored

Journalists use their qwerty to hurt me and liberals wont see my sword

Jabbing with rapier thrusts, raping and lusts, every phones a private eye

Which private I will eye trust

Political worlds are warring as our capital goes bust

It’s an economical vasectomy yet we’re all getting cuts

My country was on the cusp before she became a hoe for affection

See we’re already marked by the beast there’ll be no peace till the injection

I’m sniffing jailhouse rock to give my spirit an erection

Ignorance was bliss till I was damascussed by perfection

Now I kill myself to see the light like life was a rigged election

I see immaculate conceptions, conceptual connections masked by safe complexions

The end game is on reference Jay-Z and Obama deceptions

I’ll reach for a holy condom and call it supernatural protection

Only poets read poetry, communists destroyed the capital affection

Now Lupe Fiasco’s Dumb it down is our guitar’s plectrum

So Like the refrain of a keeper who got taken for a night stand

The last words of a fool brought the birth of a wise man

And Shoulda would coulda became I can for I am


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