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Frankfurt 2: Hey Jude, Judas

The photo below was taken in Hauptwache, Frankfurt, click here if you’d like to see a few more from my trip. Or scroll down and read on


I know nothing of falling in love.

That tripping up, or a bit of a jigsaw.

Maniacally exclaiming life reshaping.

I stumbled over desperation until my chest demanded rest for its people.

Now salty for a taste of freedom

I grieve with ten thousand reasons for why we’re here.

What’s real talk to convenience?

Stores of obedience host underground shows.

Soon there’ll be no difference between breathing and blows.

Avalanches will flow.

Demons with god intentions only ever change lanes

Truth is loyal and destructive, it devastates and remains.

Where the sun sets the moon gains.

We all want the light without pain

We all want to know the 4-2-5 yet Judas gets in the way.

What are you a discipline of?

What’s your price today?


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Static Selector

She said I was like water like Sister Lauryn

This ecstasy was from a foreign land as she lent her hand to hold mine

Yet she had me in two minds

Communicating between the lines of US and we

But it was the OR steering me to invite a conclusion

Clear confusion cos I had spent the year being the hunter

Gassed up at feeling shunted

Gassed up at feeling like she made me the hunted

Like she could be oxygen for my hydrogen

Wondering if the truth was the truth or was Dwele right again

Yeah Dwele was right again call me the Christmas mistletoe

Mulled wine, puppies and knitwear,

My heart pretended it didn’t care until my poetic prophet penned its inevitable sonnet

So I killed her with my honesty till she confessed in our dying breath

I thought you were what I wanted


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The Truth

A booty call cause I don’t want to walk in your shoes

I’ll give you that funk for a night and call it mo’ better blues

Ignoring your messages is the message I’ll choose

My body needed inspiration and you were my muse

Don’t want you at my roots or to expose my ruse

This is my path for the moment you can rue my rues

I’m not cold but you can feel my flues, enjoy some hot weather

Turn a good person into booty call cause I can’t name my treasure

Spin you that hot line feed you with some hot lying

You loved how it was….ok fine

Your presence is all I needed not your soul and mind

Thought it was more grow up and stop cryin’

It was like ecstasy in Zion yet you’ve got leave the mount some time

Unless I have a Damascus experience and call you my sunshine

Till then if you want to make more music you’ll have to find a booth

See I lied to you when I said you were the truth

You took it as the truth but now I’ve had you, I don’t want you like that


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