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7/30 “Monster’s Ball”

Curveball gallery.
Many see the bat signal.
Who’s catching who out?

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Black Summer

Black Summer

Dismantling mantles

Like naked candles fornicating with my eyes

Dancing at left angles

Exiting my attention like a getaway hummer

Tiring my I’s because you ignited passion

Strange fruit to the unseen declared itself holy to me

purposely rallying freedom of action in flashes

Feeling like the Arthur Ashe’s hearth of ashes

Black Summer so fly and blind could bat her lashes

Crash this hard drive like a guilty tiger

I pause

Fought with thought

Wedded or sold

Stolen or bought this plot was lies to the core

Less was more like addition to infinity

Divinity declared the inner me is minimal

I am the formidable amoeba

Single cell warrior

Sickle cell sharpness

So sick I sell darkness to demons

Stone like Stevens

Smoked on the words some breathe in

Exhale vitamins like shisha was one of my 5 fruit a day

I danced with Summer like seasons don’t change

Put in an expenses claim for sun and met dark reign

Thunderous invigoration

Sweat emancipation

Thighs and sighs between the highs and byes

Giving me fives on all fours

Olives du jour I was nothing more than tasty

Seasonal treat you clutched at like straws but you didn’t wanna put your

Research In Motion

Just picked up and played with this blackberry

Torched my

Woods like an arsonist

Said look at the black arse on this

You’re never gonna parson this

I’m hard got you hard and arduous so melt

Broadsword from the blindside gave me sight to the last time I truly felt

Seeing red, seeing only black

Summer kissed but never had my back

L’s I stack like a small rack

Accumulating double deuces

Feeling fruitless scanning for seeds

Relying on saplings to evolve

Imploring mystery of misery like clues to re-solve

That’ll be my puzzle till throw it all away

like that’s that piece

And thats that peace

Like thats what ceased

Hasta Luego Love

Hola la vida

Call me black swan because I’ve been and become a white beater

Muddied waters of trust lust to be cleaner

For now

Autumn is falling to its knees


towering my single cells

Flaming amoeba


Outline mine

Drawing me nearer

Colouring my tears of languish in the shade of my blue

Printing BS everywhere including on the bottom of my shoe

Praying order my steps and a side order of you

Cos Black Summer

You are BS

Bloodcloth Stress

Bombo rahtid Stupidness

I couldn’t have ordered less honesty

So Black Summer honestly



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Static Selector

She said I was like water like Sister Lauryn

This ecstasy was from a foreign land as she lent her hand to hold mine

Yet she had me in two minds

Communicating between the lines of US and we

But it was the OR steering me to invite a conclusion

Clear confusion cos I had spent the year being the hunter

Gassed up at feeling shunted

Gassed up at feeling like she made me the hunted

Like she could be oxygen for my hydrogen

Wondering if the truth was the truth or was Dwele right again

Yeah Dwele was right again call me the Christmas mistletoe

Mulled wine, puppies and knitwear,

My heart pretended it didn’t care until my poetic prophet penned its inevitable sonnet

So I killed her with my honesty till she confessed in our dying breath

I thought you were what I wanted


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Convenient Distraction

Dear Miss Future

My hearts big, red and green like a sequoia

Stronger than a Georgetown Hoya

Bulldog spirit with a degree in paranoia

Master future builder, apprentice past destroyer

Lounge in my presence and you’ll feel the heat of my for ya

I know we’ll be like water and on your down day I’ll enrich the poor ya

See I’ll let you beyond the foyer if we’re naturally nutritious like soya

Let you see the design of our ascension if your blue prints compliment my attention

Yet the clouds rose to mention that I before ya I’ve been the tenet of attraction

History caching, energy renewal until the mental cash in

Count your calendar 14, 30, 61 days of safety matching,

Patching their faux affection to my department

Love is my art and it breaks my heart to rave yet erase and restart without reaction

Time is money and if you’ll be re-taxing my attraction then boost my economy

show me this is not lust with a love lobotomy and I am not just your convenient distraction

See Sensual Sensitivity Scopes subtle snares sliding signs into my slipstream

It’ll take elite ingenuity for genuine inception to happen in this dream

Till then miss future I’ll train with you so we can produce this team

Your flow means I’ll never run out of steam cos it seems I’m falling for the rise

Miss Future paranoia will no longer be one of my degrees when you arrive

I’m nourishing my roots for the day we lock lives, dissolved the divide and create one world

Dovetailing through small detailing so we can be that one bird of peace

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The Truth

A booty call cause I don’t want to walk in your shoes

I’ll give you that funk for a night and call it mo’ better blues

Ignoring your messages is the message I’ll choose

My body needed inspiration and you were my muse

Don’t want you at my roots or to expose my ruse

This is my path for the moment you can rue my rues

I’m not cold but you can feel my flues, enjoy some hot weather

Turn a good person into booty call cause I can’t name my treasure

Spin you that hot line feed you with some hot lying

You loved how it was….ok fine

Your presence is all I needed not your soul and mind

Thought it was more grow up and stop cryin’

It was like ecstasy in Zion yet you’ve got leave the mount some time

Unless I have a Damascus experience and call you my sunshine

Till then if you want to make more music you’ll have to find a booth

See I lied to you when I said you were the truth

You took it as the truth but now I’ve had you, I don’t want you like that


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W D W (what do women)

What do women want can somebody explain

Page after page in magazines on how men caused you pain

What self worth is there to gain by apportioning blame

When some of you are so vain you put the 80 / 20 rule to shame.

Flirt and get hurt they say it’s all in the game

But you attract men to flames instead of realistic aims

Burning with so much passion what you want changes like fashion

Want what we want and as a man I’m trained to catch on

Supposed to notice changes in your makeup, hair and clothing

Supposed to be blamed for a breakup, take shots and gloating

I’m supposed to be showboating as we both twist truths, but don’t let my reality mask the darker hidden side of you

You say the pain of your past only a good man can soothe

Then you dump him after you’ve improved because he’s too nice for you

You’re colder than flu but I think you need a brain scan

I say tell me you want, can somebody explain man?

Do you want a smooth talking pretty boy or a rugby playing cave man?

I love women, when you give its plenty

But some of you will never be the 80 of the 80/ 20

You want to play Kojo and Wendy or Karma Sutra for Henry

But the way you act it’ll be Karma descending,

Instead of loving, growing ascending there’s not need for pretending

That the eyes through which you see isn’t really how it be.

And like Erykah says…you don’t wanna fall in love with me

For when he lays out his wants and needs and a future you say you can see

Genuinely making the strides so that two of you can be

If he sticks to your plan for a man A you’ve more peace than Gandhi

But then your radar turns on again if he hits you with a plan B?

Though he proposes and adjusts according to his belief

Playing along with half a heart only makes you a thief

Taking love without paying for it will only cause some grief

You’ll pay in other ways even if he never sees it

One game too many and playette you’ll catch a fever

For we tire of baby, baby, like they we’re tormented by Justin Bieber

Yet the end will be a relief because all attention seekers,

Deserve to be taught a lesson that straight up reforms.

It makes a mockery you act up because you know that you can get it

Sound words do your head in because your too cool for life school


I don’t advocate violence but I hope life swats you with a back hand!

Life aint all white and black man, jungle fever, chick flicks and ballad tracks man

We’re sick of taking flack man, cut us some slack man

I’m living by a code of not being that man

But I might have to break hearts just so that I’m not bland

I be damned you give the real 80% women a bad name

Messing up a good man’s brain all because of your inflated ego or past pain

But if doing the same thing over and over defines insane

I’ll end a dog at this rate hoping a true woman sees the good to gain

So please explain tell me what women want or maybe you shouldn’t

For a brazen show pony out her lane got nothing on a real woman

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Waste man’s world

I need a new concept and I know that its ridiculous

Excuse me lady can I take your particulars

You know I’m God’s gift a smoother St Nicholas

Say I’ll take you to the moon or nowhere in particular

Can I get in to your knickers love ah damn my shame

Your hole’s my goal so now you know my aim

If I put my hands on your frame I’ll get in to your brain

Tell you to to picture us and how we’ll be loves reign

Fill you with becoming though I’m no more than a cum stain

I’m a good man’s nemesis you’l be the mess that he gains

See I need a new concept and I know that its ridiculous

If I achieve my goal I promise I’ll stick to us

Screw and move my honesty wasn’t meant to be pernicious

It’s a dog eat dog world but your meat will be delicious

Cos I’m a fool

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