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Frankfurt 2: Hey Jude, Judas

The photo below was taken in Hauptwache, Frankfurt, click here if you’d like to see a few more from my trip. Or scroll down and read on


I know nothing of falling in love.

That tripping up, or a bit of a jigsaw.

Maniacally exclaiming life reshaping.

I stumbled over desperation until my chest demanded rest for its people.

Now salty for a taste of freedom

I grieve with ten thousand reasons for why we’re here.

What’s real talk to convenience?

Stores of obedience host underground shows.

Soon there’ll be no difference between breathing and blows.

Avalanches will flow.

Demons with god intentions only ever change lanes

Truth is loyal and destructive, it devastates and remains.

Where the sun sets the moon gains.

We all want the light without pain

We all want to know the 4-2-5 yet Judas gets in the way.

What are you a discipline of?

What’s your price today?


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Not Fussed

After 12 months of insinuation
Periodic dating and grown man making
This connection I’m intimating
We should be integrating
Yet she put me on hold said she’s re-evaluating
Seems she went into her shell when I asked her to exclusively date me
We could have had a baby or been on Chelsea lately
I don’t rate me but I don’t want to be a talk show
All we’ve been is a talk show
And all our talks show is we’ll never be ready for each other
I’ve sunk dates like battleships but with her why’d I even bother
I could play big brother but it would be incest cos we’re more than friends
We’ll ne’er bump ends because we love playing dodgem and the challenge is a treat
Got me wondering why she claimed to be getting dusty on the shelf when her insecurity rendered her interest incomplete

You could have taken a leap but your no leopard though you’re coated in spots
Am I hot or not’s your million dollar question
You’re good enough not to be lesbian but you’re a thespian wrestling with too many choices of script
Tight ass and tight lipped but you’re comfort zone is fright light
I want to live in more than your dreams like Freddie Kruger on a Fright Night
Be the entertainment like Friday night fight night, kiss you till your brain tells my eyes night night through yours
Damn I’m tired of being the nice guy du jour
I’m not begging you to be mine, I’ll let my light shine hot and raw and
I’ll eclipse your vicarious visions of affinity with my femininity matured masculinity
And all though my pride is not easily disturbed, maybe my desperation was my the creation of my interest and not you being best as why I’ve never kicked you to the curb.
And while I’ve rarely cared what you’ve thought of me, maybe we’re not in to each other as we ought to be

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