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Teenage Dream (4RW)

We were apples in fields of Perry,

Our exercise books were the gallery and shade where we ripened.

Your gallant smile garnished my appetite as my heart galloped.

At a chance glance you stirred the meat and the juices, I couldn’t decide between hunger and thirst.

I would have licked your lips for starters, chewed on your garter.

Every note was a recipe and I wanted you to cook my parsnip

Yet I was just fishing and you were already parsley.

We were like onion and garlic when English and Geography brought us together


Fondling the fringe of our fantasies in front of our future was a natural hazard.

Playing with the shape of you was the intention but, maybe I killed us thinking out loud.

Forethought and hindsight were toll roads asking us if we had enough change.

How deep were our pockets? Was I ready for yours in mine?

What’s a perfect 10 when you’re in year 9?

We never….so I guess I’ll never…..never mind

It was real at the time.


Maybe you were the first brick in a very long road

Maybe we would have found the lost city of gold

Now you’re living on the other side of a rainbow.

My flag is nowhere to be seen.

You’re the pear in a Perry field because I didn’t have the bottle.

I’m not a whine seller, simply a painter of paths.

Our moments on Fleet Street… thanks.



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7 A.M.

20170401_192908About to be the 3, 5, I’m laid up with teenage fever.

Feeling like Janet Jackson without the safety of a pre-nup

Our roads, different, we ran on petrol and diesel

Our roads different, supposedly Adidas and Asics,

Drumming our bases, we found laces/ electrifying connections like both worlds were tasered

Face to face we were a fumbling fortress of ferocious fondness

Maybe I’d been chasing Amy or maybe Gin met Tonic

See London at 1.30 birthed 7am in Germany

Had to check mate like we were head to toe in Burberry.

The bucket list met a vision causing intercontinental collision

Audibly adrenaline was all the way up, like it was a day of ascension.

There were starry eyed smiles brighter than Borealis,

The aura of sharp shooters turned battlefields to gardens

How do you spend time with someone and feel like you’ve left with a bargain?

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Boy in the corner

Trade your suit and glasses for sackcloth and ashes

Remain pure to your past self, unmasked and passive

Stay sophomoric and tragic, take slap shots, and don’t panic!

Affray? We’ll wreak havoc, you’ll be a mascot for the moribund

Stay savvy, trade your muses and nuance for fame and famine

Pyramid schemes for your dreams, is it fair?, oh you’ll manage

Imagine what we fashion when we see through your glasses.

Tape your education through conversation then charge you for classes

We’ll rape your souls in the marriage bed and claim it never happened.

So what will it be, your roots or our fruits?

The trenches or the barracks?

Do you believe anything will stick if we hold the field of carrots?

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In your world I be

Tested philosophies, meals and laughs


Novels worth of texting

Flirting like I’m the best thing

You’ve seen since sliced bread

Wig your way to my head

But when you’ve had enough

Your hand is rough

Said Single you’re the woman who keeps on pretending

You want a happy ending

Killing man by spending

Time like your self pity kitty

I gave you cool calm and witty gritty

Pieces of a manhood that made you say whoooooooa

I said single

You’re that touch me tease me sex and the city chick

Boy you’re such a p*ssy I’m on to the next d*ck

On to the next tub,

Ben & Jerry’s back rub

Crying into bath bombs listening to Jason Mraz songs

Though you’re beautiful

Can I be your duplex

Single you’re so monotone

I’ll hand you the envelop

I’ll ring you so you’re not alone

Open up your hand, your heart let me be your stereo

Single you’re not every ho, I want us and an embryo

You’re the simple complexity of logic,

The walnut stained door of our fusion

Sitcombs are wishing wells of a penny for your illusion

Bad girls have business

Good girls have love

Single your stained purity is the one I dream of

Single…you want a ring on it

I’m ready to make a thing of it

You said I’m too nice so, think on it

Been waiting for you so drink to it

My love for you was always legitimate

I’ve got time So Commit To It

Yes Sex can be intimate but 55 seconds?

A minute can be an hour but I’d sooner see 55 Reverends

Get the ring say I love you and 55 lessons

On how to say I love you with 55 errands

Single, do you love you? I’ve made 55 errors

But I start back at one because it’s never equally severed

Never been cut to be anything but solo

There’s a hole in your soul you can be whole though

Things are out of control and you’re needing a plan be

It’s stupid things that say together we can be


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Wildflowers in Surburbia

Tasting savoury rainbows, savouring rained blows
Pain glows luminous, I’m Vesuvius in plain clothes
Stained holes gape at flames thrown, me the game owes
Yet claims no, it doesn’t have any debt,
I said my slain soul’s ready for the payload, next
Need a new bulb in my halo for the circuit to connect
Scars remain as victory calligraphy detailing how I conquered death
While I was wired to resurrect and inflect, you watch my in-flight movie
From the shadows you move me, polar magnetic pen game, time is paper I and ain’t loose leaf
My roots be, pepper cos my life’s got a kick in it
Yet it’s either ice cream or a black eye either way its got a lick in it
Confusion claws at my eye balls, finally puts a nick in it
Trying to change my name, staring out of window pains,
Tagged burned like the A-Trains, screwed by the help now that’s aids gain
I stagger round with dis-ease, spittin venom,
While you act all invisible yet I can see you in your denim


I see you too , staring at me
From a distance
As if your calling to destiny
Like those moments where meant to be
Are you heaven sent , or just a payment
For death’s rent
How come you keep staring at me
This is uncomfortable
Like you can read my soul
My pages bare
Will you write on me
Stain my sheets with your verses
I am a wildflower ,can you tame me
I am dying to go on this journey and won’t stop
Till beautiful confrontation
Puts us in arms length of eternity


How do you live so comfortably in the mute of consternation
Like a black bra under a white dress my 3rd eye erects pyramids of pulsation
Like erect nipples in tight lycra my head rears like an viper enraged I
Tingle at the sense of your voyeuristic pupils studying my business
Like you’re, staring through my middle cortex trying to catch the eye of metaphors
Yet I already caught yours and traded it for time and position and I’m
Wondering how you manage to pay me attention when our inevitable connection is lost in tuition
Steady Walking in the shadow of perdition, if snaring me’s your great mission
My flow is water, my minds the bait now come fishing!
My game contains no sub missions
Jig saw where I fit in so come and dance your steps, see if they fit with mine
How many dark days have to come before you’re my sunshine?
Is it 20 or 30 or 369, if I’m dying learning to live
Then call me Columbine


Put flowers on my grave
Call it an out of body experience
i try to stay in the shadows
but everywhere i go
he follows
like magnet energy
our souls stick together
this is danger
i can feel my heart
bursting out of it’s chest
my feet on autopilot
pistol fully loaded
ready aim fire
gunshots in the air
wanting to capture beauty
in still form
i am a deer trapped in the headlights
i am your star center stage
the fly trapped in your spider snare
i don’t think i can wake this is not a dream
you catch up to me
your voice trickling on my neck
the danger excites me
warms me
your energy pulsing through me
it’s as if your in my head
you can’t get out
i won’t get out
i need you
i send out
radar messages
the fireworks
and day breaks
and your all i can think of
i am all you can think of
we lurk in shadows
preying on eachother’s souls
this won’t end well
yet there is no turning back
revolving door
we are trapped
you say nice to meet you
i say i have been waiting for u all my life
and like this never happens
scene vanishes
we vanish……

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Cirque del Vida

Like TV news on repeat
Life is the cycle, every man is pedalling
On a journey to great feats
Creative roads we be bevelling using our feet creating tracks,
Testing mettle because a struggle’s just a puddle that we meddle in
Gold medalling because we’re in tune when we’re fettling
Revelling in melodies that we make love and listen to
Perforating the edge of reason, painting it a kind of blue
See we all bring a kind of hue,
A friend is artist that paints life, love and pain with you
But we download on the down low so check your motives and thoughts
Before engaging strangers in verbal intercourse
Before riding luck and lust like a thoroughbred horse
Which Willy Wonka do you really want in your sugar walls
Who will you let have a ball in your mall
All in All, some say chocolate is better than sex
Yet for symbolic histrionics, special effects, bedroom pyrotechs
Money, power, respect, never confuse sexcess with success
My seed fertilises heads through conversations of mutual depths
In lighting fires the tongue is matchless
Even though rumours abound that mounds of blackness gun for success with fusion missions
Beyond atom splitting and trying to fit in, everyman goes human fishing
At some point you’re going to be hooked

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