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7/30 “Monster’s Ball”

Curveball gallery.
Many see the bat signal.
Who’s catching who out?

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2/30 – Penny on the pavement

Too busy sipping tea to smell the roses.
Pockets full of pansies, posers
Too busy seeing red to be a Moses.
Ignoring the driftwood while singing Oceans.
Too busy, too focused to be open.
Neglect a catalyst of foreclosure.
Drowning, Emotion, Head up, No One. Head shot, Implosion,
Rest in peace? We don’t know that.

Nice memories, for sure, yeah.
Too busy being me to notice
That’s what it’ll be til it’s over, til it’s over
It is far from over….

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1/ 30″Ugh”

Denying you stole the keys, you found the lock and jammed it

Took over rock and called it bandwidth

We strum to a new Anansi

Our hands where your eyes can see

Shot at when we pander

Some are quick to shout peace God!

Yet when you prey, nobody has the answers.

Increase your debt when you contact us.

Yet claim bonuses for being contact less.

Pocket pastors with presents

Offering plates hasn’t passed us.

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Rebirth Control

My inspiration for my 7th of 30 poems comes from a Facebook status on the 16th of December posted by a talented musician friend of mine known as “Silverchet”. Follow @silverchet on twitter.

“I Dont Wanna Hear How 2010 is Gonna Be “Your Year”, Or How 2010 is A “Time for Change”, I Been Hearing That Year After Year, So Quit Procrastonating and do what you Gotta do…….I speak to myself as I do you all”

16 December at 18:19 ·


Rebirth control

At the end of every year we engage in a ritual of giving and receiving presents, to some we give our presence, to others we scribe from a sample of our essence.

Taking time to recharge, a new year will it bring a new start, a new chapter new lessons?

Will we have counted our blessings, paused for reflection, spotted our contradictions and created new traditions?

Halted attrition of self ignition

Or will we simply continue unpause the game from the X box

Continue where we left off

Revive the consternation instead of tidying our desktop

Let our system hang and our heads drop

Beheaded because we’re big headed

Talk about change yet we’re dreadlocked

Locked in dread because change means the whole head

We’ve got to brain wash and condition in order to sew fruition

We talk about chasing the dream not the competition

Every new year is a new you year until problems hit then, those resolutions…

Those Resolutions

Those revelations that made you make statements

How you knew they were pain staking but resolute enough

Yeah … those solutions, improvements…those resolutions that had so you so focussed you had me thinking change was embedded in your follicles

Only for 6 months later change is soluble like aspirin

Did you think change was a sprint?

Did you think  change would be a Usain of the bolt type change

Sweep you off your feet and leave you with no time to breathe type change

Where is the new you I say?

It takes pain to move pain because something has to die before you come back to life

Pre mortem dissection, microscopic detection for signs of regression

Grown folk need a soul session not a 1 month campaign at every month 11

Yelling to the world from midnight of the 31st I begin my resurrection

Obama’s slogan for election

I am who I choose to be and when I start’s change in me it is for my refreshment

It’s a present to my presence, my essence, my gain

Drink to a year of pain to locate the step up, celebrate finding it, then put up, shut up or full on step up.

Wake up, Get Up for the shooting range, take your best shot at life and work towards your main aim

For when your breath is short and your soul’s screaming to get away

You better be elected, there’ll be no more campaign, no more rebirth

Your life’s been your day to prove your worth

But how will you handle your 31st?

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King Dirt

My estate was so low it was underground

I was a commoner with the common sound that only rebounded

Off the walls of unbelief

The language of faith and love was my only release to the sky

My family and I could only dance to the beat of a supernatural cry

For I was not a Jew but a gentile

10 a penny to the select wise

A reptile ordained as a king by the most high

So be careful of the verbs you let fly

For the commonest commoner may have come on earth with royalty in their bloodline

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Meet in the Middle [3/30]

Her kisses blew my brain like the swirling winds of a hurricane
Heart had no time to melt I felt super humane uber-urbane
Tying tongues into unspoken embraces, fingers locked as the body ticked and picked its paces
Thoughts were cycling, the future was racing, I didn’t hear us click
But the pulsating, vibrations were devastating
It was a calendar moment but we weren’t dating
We just got caught up
In the thick of it

Re-awakened lust whispered like late echoes faint shadows
Our bond disconnected cupid from his arrows
We never sailed we paddled, this comfort we were glad for
Kindred souls with different roles but for each other a passion of sorts
Single/ Taken well who was what and what were we?

She was 7 I was 1,
Our kisses cooked with more passion than Raekwon
Invisible intimations raced like 2 cars on a figure 8
I was complex but she was the plane, not plain
Her eyes transported me away, wherever whenever I gazed
Our liaison could leave me ablaze, maybe not in good ways

See she had been through a serious series of malaise
I’d not been to sleep for a month and days
Was it a glazed view of sour souls we saw in moments of the day
Just mutual passion shared in an inebriated high jape

Were we really kindred souls, a couple on the make?
For I’d had dreamed us being, yet in that she was whisked away
How could a night light manifest as day?
Yet all I knew is we were everywhere and nowhere
Something thing and nothing like Alphabet function
Is our night numbered, would we see the day?
Is this game for real or is it just a screen play

For now we’d be quiet noise, like letters for a word poised
A stealth ploy, oxygen bubbles
Not yet on paper, battling our own rubble,
If I rumble in her jungle would my life tumble today?
Is she someone to whom I’d sign my life away?
We need to meet in the middle
So ABC meet H. I. J

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