About Poetic7

Born and raised in Birmingham, England, I am a lyrical biographer, documenting life through poetry, sharing it through spoken word performances. A passionate person who relishes the opportunity to broaden horizons, appreciating the simple and complex in equal measure.

Back when I went to university and I was still very much in the vein of writing song lyrics as I hadn’t embraced spoken word I used to have the name “ztylez” and it was simply as a reflection of my topical versatility.  I changed my name to “Poetic7” as a reflection of who I am and who I aspire to be.  7 is a number associated with perfection and whilst I am not perfect I strive for completion and perfection, inspiring others through poetry.

I credit my father as the person who I get my creativity from. In cooking he would look at the recipe once and maybe do the basics to drill them in a few times but then he would veer away from it and create something in his own image.  I was raised in church and mainly listened to gospel music, I wrote poetry in school but was excited by rap. The energy and excitement a rapper would generate just by flowing in that middle 8th of a song was something I bought into. As I’ve grown older, I undoubtedly have grown to love hip hop in all its cultured glory.  Gospel has given me my soul, hip hop gave me the delivery and I am undoubtedly inspired by the likes of Talib Kweli, KRS One and Lupe Fiasco to name but a few artists.  Key underrated areas of hip hop that have influenced me would be the art of freestyling, battling and also the “cypher“. I may never be a rapper but my love for hip hop art is woven into my poetry.

I’m watch less,I guess that means I’m timeless.

Eternally striving to make my best rhymes bless minds in testing times, enriching vines with a gift so effervescent.

That is why I am Poetic7



7 responses to “About Poetic7

  1. I often find myself inspired by The Roots and any time that I hear something from Floetry I am pick up my pen, even if it’s just to write one line. I enjoyed your poetry.

  2. Thank you very much! I know how when that one line comes you just have to write it even if its never meant to be more than a bullet rather than an arsenal. I find myself writing a lot of snapshots these days but the moment you get me in the presence of creative people…..the higher level poet gets inspired, iron sharpens iron. Much love

  3. Kellie Moore - Elmore

    omg! i love your writes! 🙂 i subscribed! 🙂 nice blog!!!!!

  4. Have no idea how I just heard your performance for the first time on Unmuted Ink’s Poetry Slam & you were so wonderful. Look forward to reading and hearing more from you here.

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