About Me

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The Diary of a Late Bloomer is the blog of Adrian “Poetic7” McKenzie a Birmingham born poet residing in Staffordshire, England. Here you’ll find a mixture of reflections and observations through poetry and more.

At the point where I understood my talents were of a level to be considered among best in my home city, Poetic7 is a name that was adopted as the desire to inspire through the perfection of my craft.

Alongside personal poetry and performances at open mic’s around the country, I’ve been privileged to use my talents in a wide range of settings such as:

  • Performances at festivals and cultural heritage celebrations.
  • Project performances such as Man Up – exploring masculinity and mental health
  • Delivering poetry workshops
  • Producing poetry readings and speeches for weddings.


7 responses to “About Me

  1. I often find myself inspired by The Roots and any time that I hear something from Floetry I am pick up my pen, even if it’s just to write one line. I enjoyed your poetry.

  2. Thank you very much! I know how when that one line comes you just have to write it even if its never meant to be more than a bullet rather than an arsenal. I find myself writing a lot of snapshots these days but the moment you get me in the presence of creative people…..the higher level poet gets inspired, iron sharpens iron. Much love

  3. Kellie Moore - Elmore

    omg! i love your writes! 🙂 i subscribed! 🙂 nice blog!!!!!

  4. Have no idea how I just heard your performance for the first time on Unmuted Ink’s Poetry Slam & you were so wonderful. Look forward to reading and hearing more from you here.

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