End of Season Wrap

Welcome to my end of year wrap, by the time you read this, it may well be 2015 where you are. If so, blessings of the season to you.

For me 2014 has been the punchline to 2013, a season of reaping and new seeds sewn.

On July 27th 2013 I got engaged, like the obligatory red rag to a bull, the creator in me was fully immersed in all creative aspects other than the wedding dress. Feel free to read the story of the engagement and see highlights of the day.

Late on 2013 I also realised that I’d been in a creative hole topically. In order to rediscover my creativity, I made the decision to mine something other than my relational past for poetry. The feeling of emptiness and reduced output was short-lived as I dipped into the 52 week challenge, a Facebook led year of weekly prompts. Although the ghost of relational past made a brief appearance with “19 stone smile”, I was able to dip into childhood and cast an eye on nature amongst other things. In the 2 months, I also returned to my early topical roots with Oscar Pistorius, Mike Brown and Eric Garner being referenced.

With the wedding planning being my 24/7 occupation, poems such as “The Invitation” and “Ivory Blues” were born.

Knowing that friends and family would expect poetry to feature in my subsequent speech, I wanted to craft one of my best ever pieces. Having resisted the urge to use lines that came to me on poems that could turn out to be the new “Dear Caramel” or “Inception”, it seemed to go well. I’ll post the text of the full 20 minute speech and some of the audio in another blog.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read this year and hope you continue with me during the next.

I leave you with two words that encouraged me today “Be purposeful”



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