Is your past a foreign country?

If so how often do you visit?

Is it for business or for pleasure                ?

Is it secluded or touristic?

Do you have a holiday home or no go areas within it?

Does it have monumental cities?

Are your memories memorials or are they living exhibits?

If I’d like to go there…what’s the cost of ticket?

Could I go for moment?

Would I be ready in a minute?

Is it a place of worship, do others go there on pilgrimage?

As a travel destination what star rating would you give it?

If your past was a pack of cards, would you be willing to deal it?

Is it a feted piece of literature that limits your life’s vocabulary.

Is it a path that panders to extinction?

Do you marry your past to your present in tensions?

Is your past the blessing you were cursed with?

Is it the margin of error that makes you live second to second?

Is your past a day of lessons that you’re simply letting slide

Is your past a persistent researcher that you’re simply walking by?

Is your past the death of you or what makes you feel alive

Is your past a foreign country?


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