The Skin I’m in (52/ 3)

These roads…
Silverstone by way of Kingston
Smoother than Eden’s Serpentine moments
Once traversed by fleeting caress of the pert, the pompous and puerile
When tourists created a north south divide, I enjoyed the ride

Until the economy of reflection collapsed with consumption
There was no mass protest
Now the maths has caused a mass protest

Though a man united lives in this kings dome
I am a woolly mammoth with the heart of a spartan
Yet closer to obesity than the beast in me
These roads are now shrouded in patches of iniquity
Speed bumps are food mountains and are starved of activity
Pilates the outer judge of the inner me
It’s time to let go of what love handles
This mess I am worshipped by woe

With more recessions than a conservative government
Planting my seed is the only way my heir will go…forward
I’ve got to dig these roads to dig these roads
This skin I call home


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