Prismatic Whispers


I am a prism
Light shines through me
No longer imprisoned
My feet are shod with vision
I am in sight of my destiny
Insight is blessing me
Your power invested is for my profit
Pure and refreshing your energy levitates
Mountains become plains when I see your face
I must get dirty walking in faith
I am love by association
No man is an island so I adopt your nature as native
New chapters are better without pages
Seasons are phases yet I am not phased
I am a prism, a new town, a conurbation
I am a congregation of fruit picked for now
I am the wow
The wonder of will power
Built with a power that cannot be tamed
I am the feature on display
Stories of past pains only curate my path
I am a memory built to last
My heart beats shock waves across my world
Love called me home so as a dove I returned
I am the ark of a covenant between your will and my reflection
My present is an inception that will stand without exception
So I bow in reverence
This inflection is what my self acceptance is meant to be
A testimony of how I live as me
This is my benediction, my prologue to eternity
I burn, I learn, I am the scent of eucalyptus
I breathe, I receive, I am the heir that never recedes
I am me
I am me
I shine from inside
I am


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