Off The Radio


Out of fear of a black planet I was born. A public enemy,  nonchalant with akademiks, my pen is de la soul, common sense is my Guru.
I sample more than the breaks so I can mend hearts.
See an Epiphany is little more than a Grandmaster Flash but folk are too busy posing for the camera to get The Message.
I mean  MC’s act like they don’t know that the slackness will gets them tainted love.
I wonder when the definition of an Outkast became critical thinker.
See when knowledge reigns supreme and understanding is the queen, black and white kids will have to stop using the word n****.
For now, we try to Regulate our own 36 chambers.
It’s that New World water that infiltrates our Respiration.
Like a Foreign Exchange we sample safety to lose privacy.
Everyone thinks they can play till they enter the I.V. League where group thought is imperial and devils advocate is a life title.
Civil rights left so I speak to Gutter Rainbows about the Beautiful Struggle and find solace in the Atmosphere of Eyedeas and providence.
No more a prisoner of conscious, the abstract is made clear.

I am hip hop but it’s only scratch n’ rap you want to hear.


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