Periscope of Fidelity

Eyes of the world

Hearts like hats worn on a building site
Fear of spirit falling on heads to build insight
Fists balled with bitterness raring to fight the fire that might engulf their candor
Lips quiver like arrows, as words strung like viola symphonies strike chords of disdain

Like an abandoned child they rage at the sound of your name
Yet you turn up for them to gain as a parent bringing presents
You never buy love or deny love

Your words are ammunition when the bullets of desires gun have run (out) like the colour we are clothed with.
You are the enigma that deciphers our coding when our world war seems to disciple us wiith solemn foreboding
Wars water us with a will that we flow in
Until we see the son we don’t grow into our perfect clothing
We simply exchange windows so that we can see pain
The light is a memory that we shade with outlines of truths we saw with one eye open
You never stop glowing, like a battalion of fire flies even though smoke is the inferno

How can we want heaven to open without having hell to go through?
How can we write our own bible of greatness without getting to know you?
Is it because we lie in a bed of lies because they are so reliable?
Or because the mantra of atrocity without empathy is the vial that feeds our leviathan

Who made us Poseidon?
Which plague of no trust left us in denial
Who darkened our in sight and left us with a braillle file
When you call us to reconcile why do we ask why and revole
Our perfect hurt has its own healing season
So help us to see past our past, re-reveal you


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