Feet of my Father

DCF 1.0

Dare to Dream with your eyes open.
You’ve got the shoulders to roll with the punches.
You no longer need hunches just trust in me.
Hold my hands in faith like you never have.
A child crosses roads with his parents until he can walk alone but I will never leave you.
I will never release you, I will relieve you of pain.
In me you have all to gain
I remain the same and guide you through change.
It is all for My Glory.
I know you adore me so I hold you in my arms.
I see your heart and know your pain.
My promises are those on which you can remain.
I knew you before there was day.
I loved you before you could say Abba Father.
Where you need me, I conquer.
When you believe me, receive me, heed me your path will no longer be darker.
I am the light.
My Spirit gives insight
I know your plight yet I grant your good desires.
I am Love
I created man that he could praise me.
My son died, in 3 days I raised him.



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3 responses to “Feet of my Father

  1. Renard

    man… I love this
    being a PK(a former preacher’s kid)..I was right on time

  2. Good stuff buddy. Love how you have included God’s recent word to us about ‘broad shoulders’ great read.

  3. Thanks guys, all I know is this wrote itself. One minute I couldn’t get into the service mentally the next my pen was moving and this arrived.

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