Not Afraid

not afraid

Hang my mistakes in the gallery of discontent
Feed my fear to the parthenon of the proud
Shower my glaring weaknesses with shadows of sadness
Deliver my smile to infertile ground

I am not afraid

Curse me with the contempt of the rainbow at sunset
Step on my to’s and fro’s as I waltz
Cuff my ears with symbols of the doldrums
Fill my mouth with your vinegary vocabulary

I am not afraid

Fondle my fretting with sweet melancholia
Embrace my passion with ponderings of my past
Suffocate the heir to my crown
Wipe me with necrotic tissue of your soul

I am not afraid

Though I walk wisftfully on the wires of wonder
Harnessing hope in ravaged blindspots
Though I fall through cracks in the clouds of comfort
Abased by punctual puncturing of my pride

I am not afraid

Though I may fall from gracious expectations
Though my potentials realisation may be over waiting
Though my face may not make the favoured frames of fortune
Though my eyes may only light alleys and side streets

I am not afraid

Though I may model the fashions of confusion
Though discontent may rip my physique
Though I am unburdened and appear barren
I am are the words I speak

For I am not afraid.


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