White Christmas

White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
The kind where the sun rekindles its romance with the snow caps
Where snow men and choirs of angels slow dance
Whispering I love you to the ocean deep
See her smile is like Ivy
Inviting glad tidings to clamber inside of me
Producing designs on the evergreen epitome of unhampered festivities till my heart is hungry for holly soliloquies
Giving me food for thought
As iniquities are overawed by the joy of damocles
I mean Prawn cocktail soup or fruit for starters,
Roast chicken pork or beef is nice to eat with
Apple sauce turkey and cranberry,
My plate’s a jamboree
Oh how can it be
That I’m awake to taste the feast of a queen
but I’d rather sleep so I can Dream
Of White Christmas
Snoring sweet nothings like recited scriptures
Decorating her tree of knowledge with presence and babbling baubles of boisterous bliss
Dangling dawdling discord over the hearth of a warm heart like filled stockings over a mantel piece
Where feuding families ceasefire and foster fragrant flames of decorum
And peace is the productive pupil of purposeful prudence enjoying a purple patch because
Want and wondering have wondered in to wisdom
For wishing well is genuine genius
I’m dreaming but
Sleeping with one eye open is two tenths of the law
I’m just trying to activate my santa clause
Cos I want
My white Christmas


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