Good old Crimbo

The world has changed how we really see Christmas
As a kid it was all top pops and Christmas singles
Nativities, the snowman, all the joys of giving
Has it lost its glimmer, is it more of a business?
Where happiness is manufactured like boybands and reality show series

Enraptured by the period, playing blind to the contrived
I’m yet to know what Cliff Richard meant by Christian rhyme
I’m sharing Christ till eternity, that’s Christian time
Would you mind sharing kisses, I have mistletoe and wine.
Like showing your affection before and after valentines
Christmas is much more than December 25
They tell me
Giving to receive is a crime of the times
Lock me away at the cost of hope
If being kind can’t inspire
(And) with your humbug, harmonise, it’s seven tenths of the law
Be renowned for the encounter with your Santa Clause

Though we colour coliseums of cacophonous crassness
Letting the penny drop to complain that we’re cashless
While we’re pampered by the pomposity of poignant attractions
The 3rd world has guns and roses on an evil axis
We moan about our wages just hoping they’ll slash less
They count the cost of life, dare we we talk about taxes?
If we’re feeding on misfortunes, ours is just a snack
The main course might be too raw so believe in what we have

(Like) ding dong merrily on high
Would you like a mince pie?
Mulled or cherry wine?
I opened my advent calendar
To find you’re the surprise
Now my Christmas banquet might need a fruity vibe
Just a little mix to give my roast the X Factor
Might drown my sprouts in gravy
I’ll eat them if I have to
Watch the Queen’s speech
Better still speak to grandma
Your royal family aren’t the Windsors
They’re the ones that know your character
The one’s you pull a cracker with
Tell the sort of joke that you’d normally be embarrassed to

See the magic of Christmas is the fabric of winter tapestry
Without Christ what would the reality John Lennon’s imagine be

Just a glorified bank holiday
No Mariah Carey blaring,
No August preparations, no serious wayfaring
The cycle of life, is something we all share in
So be daring
Even if your name is Ebenezer scrooge
You better realise that heaven needs you too
They’ve tried to replace Christ with an X
The message of love your neighbour still rings true

For here it is, Merry Christmas
Like Elvis, the jingle bells rock and sway
Rest in Peace to those who lived to the max
By graves,
With devotion let’s ride waves
Not take this thing lightly
Shrek The Halls with the Holly and Ivy
So that the nightmare before Christmas is highly unlikely


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