Best Day Ever

She sweat technique like a DMC finalist

Scratching records of her of past

Cross fading the present gentleman

Blending butterflies with being buttered up

Took a little needle but that was alright

The crowd never let the music stop

Night after night she freely got that techno thud

She took ecstasy till it mean X to her

Back n forth day and night she span advice

Love was only a track away

She didn’t want to play the album this way

It was all she knew

Blues and Funk were her polarities

She needed charity but got Ox fam

Brazen beasts creating log jams

Blood thinner than water that really didn’t give a damn

She juggled beats with beatings

This wasn’t her preferred rhythm

This artist was an easel but saw the picture and dithered

Too many had drunk her colour

She was their given tipple

Just another alley for a Jimmy Riddle

Too much of a saddle to say skedaddle

Possible was nothing,

Not a word in her language

Not a bone in her body

Never watched Star Trek because one freak had her say

Beat Me up Scotty

Her body had more tracks than a greatest hits album

This was a man’s world and she just ¬†wanted to be…. a woman

Blood, sweat and tears were her favourite lines in her song

Yet on the journey home in the am from her latest set

She walked into a record store and asked if they had a new sleeve

A blank one just something for now yet

The man over the counter seeing the state of the record offered her an exchange

New record, new sleeve she was suspicious but not afraid,

She took it home and gave it solo play

The mellow strings touched her all over

She bristled and tensed as the vocals began

She thought it was the man Sam

Looking at the record spinning, she saw her smile for the first time

A voice rang out inside of her

A change will come…

It was not Sam but by the end of the song

She had


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October 22, 2012 · 11:07 pm

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