Lock n’ Key

Arrested development,
Paper talk enveloping
Playing slots with my mental
I used to revel as Junior Bevil
Trying to make Penny drop
Though she’s my better devil
Caring more for the engine
Than where the car was heading
My drive was spirit filled
It was intoxicating just revving yet
They slept on me till they bed in
Had siphons in my cypher
Clowns in my class wearing masks to disguise the
Brain of a bull on the legs of a spider
Feeding me sanitisers to make my life load lighter
Trying to learn my rhythm thinking the beat’ll make me hyper
Yet all the small talk made my spider senses heighten.
Tension tuned ham strings, my set position they were biting
Conniptions were igniting, my cavalry caught fire like
Four horsemen in ski masks on Harley’s Ghost riding
So I made their science fiction like my name was Michael Crichton
Cos I’m a player by the day, I’m a Dr J disciple
Bleeding ink in the ocean so sharks know what they aspire to

Finding inspiration in cold ashes to show you Jonah can inspire too

Bringing steely heat to the iron you, adding a shine to your name
Playing umpire for tessellations of patriot games
Donating clock batteries so the nations aren’t de-famed
Am I closer to my dreams from being this way?
Living as (the disciple) Steven for the meaning of Goapele
Yes? No?, Maybe?, well you tell me
See many times I’ve felt like a ballerina trying to dance with Jalapenos and Habeneros in her mouth
Told to spit the lyrics without making a single sound
See when you’re coupled to a train ride you await graduation
Can’t let them push your buttons and play station

When you’ve been a fast ticket machine you end up being
The key, bored, forgetting how it feels to jump barriers
A slut with soul you’re just a come carrier
Other lives are your baby cos nothing else wants to marry you
And that’s a fallacy because reality is there if you want it
If you’re a surrogate mother there’s no need for adoption
Folk are fickle, you’ll win more when you’ve lost them
Ball players become batman and when they score yell got them!
Or sing Lauryn Hill’s lost ones
As I’ve realised that for 29 I was one,

See inside of me I’m siamese
Four I’s to see
2 tongues to learn
4 minds to please
2 mouths to feed
Trying to eat with the tongue of an adder’s multiplying beef
I’ve one heart to bleed
More veins receive
the air I breathe.
If I care to leave
Earths lane deceived
I’ll spit the truth make your air re seed
My jaw hustle’s like a jack russell’s
I’ll splice through core puzzles
With stored puzzles
Informing my corpuscles
that your muzzles cause more tussles
Than raw lovers learning to lust
Cute cuts you trust will get a slight ouch
Perceptions deception
I’m kinda heavy for a light house
I break dancers with verbal head spins
put their lights out
Create a minority report cos blackness put the white out
I tip ex and crucify now
For loose lips accrue rifts and cue drifts by design now
Have you believe pulp fiction were quoting pure scripture
with their diction
What I’m saying is
Knowledge of Self should be your abstracts true inscription
to ignore and fight a war through crucial fiction is the crucifixion
Even the thief next to Christ on the cross said forgive me
So who wants it?


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