What’s 30 like?

It’s like X Factor meets CS Lewis

Auditioning to keep a dream and one direction
The decision between Narnia and Neverland
Are you a now or never man
Ruthless enough to execute a clever plan
Or will what if be the plaque that ever hangs

Like the spoils of war on the door of a peasant man
That’s never been richer yet has never banked
Waiting for his time to face the music but doesn’t dread the band
You check on how many kids you fathered that were never planned
Had some fried eggs yet were never panned
So cash your chips with dips from your poker hand
Life ain’t a team game until you’re so low man
They tell you lighten up become a solar pan
if you got power learn to down load a grand
delusions of utopia that floats around

What goes around, ejaculates
Before you see it you’ll be blind
By poltical accomodations that you elect to decline
Reverse the fortunes of a story choosing wardrobe witch or lion
First stage of your audition, here’s a canvas, draw a line
Now draw circles round it, you can pick the size
Write memory, friend or description of you between the lines
Something of importance at each corner
Fold for each angle that you tried
To get where you’re going then hand it o’er to life

Second stage of your audition is to sing what you just wrote
Amidst distraction from 10 factions
Hearing Klaxons in your soul
Speed origami with arthritis
While writing silence about a poem
Some say they speak in Hebrews but its the home brew taking o’er

The recollection reflection ain’t been ark ache since days of Noah
So if you now managed to stay in tune,
You’re now you for what we know of
What makes you’s not held you back,
The result quite the opposite
Being 30’s a day of questioning record spins
Are you in the world
Or on top of it
Full of ammo or shot with it?
Let birth mark your rise to power
Mikael Gorbachev

Times my own minds been off kilter
Like naked scots
Haggling over the price of haggis
And the tartan I should rock
Strumming traditional blackness
Yet feeling I was not
Inside its very mind so outside I adopt
The position of blank human colourised by the clock
Researching what is “I” to answer
I am the King of the Dot
I’ve been compared to what I’m not
Died and resurrected
Don’t you compare me to God
I’ve been the heir so so long
Breathed in unfairness, filled my lungs
One mouth I speak in tongues
One ring will keep me rung
I rise now being a sun

You asked what being 30s like?

It’s like the docking of a cruise ship
Part way through your journey
The captain asks you where next
Location you determine
It can be a release or a burden
Give you peace or it can burn you
Truth is it’s the real live show
Letting your X-Factor affirm you



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