Be Careful

She said be careful what you wish for
Times and places, events we choose to ignore
Similes and metaphors might crawl under your skin
Nibble on the emptiness between your hard head and soft heart
Pledges of allegiance to nether regions weather credence
Flags burn my whole at half mast
I’m flying the death trap half gassed
Half masked
I can’t laugh past the nev(idence) of what could
For I am slain to what would
Slaved to what should be
My world is not enough without
You, you or YOU
Visions sit motionless between my spine and my mind
We are my last trapped nerve
Wont you just fall into place
How I seek your face
My world is not enough yet is church so
faith ought to reside
Yet love is suicide and I’m dying to ressurect
Pour out my sinews on the select
Button my lip to reflect my coat of charms
Has faith ever caused harm?
Love is my religion and this is civil war
Be careful what I wish for
Forbidden fruit or fallow ground
I’m buried in stolen inflections hoping that you
Might be the sound of my reflection
Hypnotic brass ensemble over moonlit adjectives
I’m over rejected and under protected with mine
Who spares moments to catch rays of sunshine
Will you not choose shade to avoid this cancer?
How long will you remain the answer avoiding the question?
Wise fools heed the suggestion
Be careful what you wish for



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2 responses to “Be Careful

  1. “Yet love is suicide and I’m dying to ressurect”

    This has to be one of my personal favorites from you *sighing* Love the way you bring it poet!!! RESPECT & LOVE

  2. This magnificent its flow, and the imagery is masterful. I am digging this piece as a read it for the second time…now to listen to its delivery.

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