I’m sick of love
Sick of thinking about love
Sick of living about love
Sick with thinking about the potential of love
Sick with stinking up my emotions, thinking about people who probably ain’t thinking about me to love
I’m sick of love
Sick of rhyming my intended devotion even though I’m secretly hoping
That one day
We fall in love
I am sick of it
Sick with it and I’ll stick with I am
Ready to obliterate the path to commotion
Throw down palm trees and give her that cocoa butter break down
Home made poetic goodness
Wordplay is my hallmark
Fore play then quote mark as we enter a new chapter
Yes I’m sick of love
I’m done trying
Done crying
Done dying
Bearing the colours of adjustment when above it all
I’m just me
Just a man who rarely feels self righteous
But I’m religiously confident
And crazy enough to write this
I am sick of love
Issue strippers who drop their knickers in aid of a kick of
Bear hugging your compliments like it was the first bit of pocket money
Keep my quotes out your pocket honey, I am sick of you
Never been slick with the truth
I’m too long in the booth to spit anything but flames
Been burnt too, no names
I’ve got handle but no games for my rule book
Don’t let duppy fool you
I’m sick of it, everyone has a story
I’m sick with it,
Vomiting names in every category of pain
I need love but I’m sick of it
Hate love but each time I spew I gain



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2 responses to “illaself

  1. forsakenheart

    Now that’s a post!

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