The Kiss

You kissed me with the tongue of a throttled serpent
Suffocated by crisis, decisive with your ice
You kissed me with symbolism of Judas Iscariot
Like a pigeon it was carrying embedded commands
Demands, demons plans, blue prints and found scrolls
Affection was now for whom the bell tolls
Kissed me with mechanics of alligator jaws,
I was connected to a death roll,
Should and could have been a pretzel cos
It’s the small things, blinked and we missed it
Momentary bliss yet for ever was like the Blarney stone myth
So yes you
Kissed me with a love that I could liken to a petrol siphon
Purse and tightened though your kitty was loose
Still you didn’t know how to eat my fruits even though you
Rolled your eyes to heaven for the hell of it
Apologised until you bent over for the next selection
I plead guilty for my next erection yet I remain unscrewed
Fused like a vampire high off red mountain dew
I wont submit to insurrection n’ remain subdued
I’m not that dude, so screw girl power
Three’s the magic number….of your personalities per hour
So don’t kiss me
No ifs, buts, or ebay listings
Don’t kiss me,
You might screw assholes but I’m a bayonet light
You can push me and twist me once
I might still shine a light
Just don’t kiss me


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