In your world I be

Tested philosophies, meals and laughs


Novels worth of texting

Flirting like I’m the best thing

You’ve seen since sliced bread

Wig your way to my head

But when you’ve had enough

Your hand is rough

Said Single you’re the woman who keeps on pretending

You want a happy ending

Killing man by spending

Time like your self pity kitty

I gave you cool calm and witty gritty

Pieces of a manhood that made you say whoooooooa

I said single

You’re that touch me tease me sex and the city chick

Boy you’re such a p*ssy I’m on to the next d*ck

On to the next tub,

Ben & Jerry’s back rub

Crying into bath bombs listening to Jason Mraz songs

Though you’re beautiful

Can I be your duplex

Single you’re so monotone

I’ll hand you the envelop

I’ll ring you so you’re not alone

Open up your hand, your heart let me be your stereo

Single you’re not every ho, I want us and an embryo

You’re the simple complexity of logic,

The walnut stained door of our fusion

Sitcombs are wishing wells of a penny for your illusion

Bad girls have business

Good girls have love

Single your stained purity is the one I dream of

Single…you want a ring on it

I’m ready to make a thing of it

You said I’m too nice so, think on it

Been waiting for you so drink to it

My love for you was always legitimate

I’ve got time So Commit To It

Yes Sex can be intimate but 55 seconds?

A minute can be an hour but I’d sooner see 55 Reverends

Get the ring say I love you and 55 lessons

On how to say I love you with 55 errands

Single, do you love you? I’ve made 55 errors

But I start back at one because it’s never equally severed

Never been cut to be anything but solo

There’s a hole in your soul you can be whole though

Things are out of control and you’re needing a plan be

It’s stupid things that say together we can be



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