Salt Shaker

What if Shakespeare was a stray cat?

Would it be a gay cat

Happy or homo

Two tails or normal

Hormonal, territorial or zonal

what if Shakespeare was a feline

would be ironclad or a shemale

telling tails of great pussy or just giving it

Selling great lines like punchline raps over a DJ scratch

Or just scratch and wounding every record made

What if Shakespeare was a stray cat

Would he be a junglist pugilist or into dubstep and grime

Would he even know to rhyme

Would he be giving it that rub a dub style

Blanched soul or measure for measure be a bore

Would he hamming it for the days of yore like a porky child

Or would he be buckwild like the leopard with neon spots

A sabre tooth who bit his style to confound the have nots

A couplet like Romeo and Juliet as his lines never met

Could we join the dots and understand his free style

In battle would he be really be riled,

His memory defiled like a child raised by paedophiles

Would he go Lear level senile or Tyson level crazy

Would he ride a beat or just beat up his lady,

I don’t think so see Shakespeare could’ve been Zulu

Spinning lines like voodoo tales of sincerity

Hynotising ear drums with verily verily,

Ye lords and ladies merrily

Before switching to yoruba listen to j.cole’s who dat

Scribing F ye polizia and burying it in a saltimine

We hold him high cos he assaults minds with a fools cap

Only then do we realise that his words were preserved cos he was never a stray

Just lyrically aux fais cool cat

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