F a love life I’m just tryna love life

I’d love to love a woman but the pen is my blood, wife

My pen knows I know just how to rub her

Doesn’t try to call it winter when it’s summer

When my pen gets broody we just make another baby

Doesn’t call me up to kcuf me then say pay me

Doesn’t pump out gay anthems then demand straight soul

You common as muck but ain’t got his universal mind control

Doesn’t let me chase her then claim to be afraid of commitment

Then advertise she needs a man in a social network listing

Doesn’t treat me like the other man when I’m vying to be the only

Claim she want’s me as her only but then want’s me to be her homie

Doesn’t say she ain’t lying but wasn’t going to tell me

That the man she wants is like me but doesn’t spell me

Doesn’t go out of her way to spend time and bewitch me

Knowing my presence will enrich her life more than Tom or Siegfried

This is ain’t white flag it’s a blitzkrieg

I’m a huddle for the scrimmage cos I don’t lip read

I can blitz read, call you out and adjust for the play

Inglourious bastard with special teams joined the fray

See hot butter is my code name

Unclog the clutter is my known aim

Big hands big heart because I catch but never throw game

Bent but never broken, open heart surgery because your soul lame

My pen’s too sick to hold blame, she’d rather burn with the truth

We remain ever young from the ink of our youth

She has bark she has bite, she has fights hard to be proof

She’s no souflle though she spits fire in the booth

And I need no insurance

Just endurance and utterance

She caught feelings like floetry and flaps her wings to my utterings

she’s got so many torches for my heart I call her audi, saturn, olympic cos don’t know where to put her rings

Got drive, gives me space, knows her position

Instead of being like olympic football, some unwanted competition

Like hurling abuse at four terrapins for not becoming turtles

This is my I could never be yours if it’s always me hurdling your hurdles

Only to hurdle your hurdles, turning the air blue instead of purple

My crowning is always verbal till dethroning comes full circle

How you’ve got the hots for me when in my heat you’ve turned orange

Exposed your fake tan, your soft centred like a lozenge

We’re untied by your odd ends roped by insurrection

I put cupid’s arrow in my compass while some use his marrow for errection

G Funk Selection call this midnight in a perfect world

I only got room for one love and my pen is my girl

So yeah I said it F a love life I’m just tryna love life

I’d love to love a woman but the pen is my blood, wife

Listen to KIM now!!


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