A Relationship for 2 or 2000?

People often say “a relationship is between two people and not the whole world” which is true. I notice this comment tends to surface a lot in relation to Facebook. Particularly when someone puts up a plethora of very affectionate posts that relate to their intense joy at what ever stage of the relationship they find themselves in.

To what extent is this different from a couple being extremely affectionate  let alone having a heated argument on the street or whatever public place you happen to be in?

I have my creativity as an outlet but I stopped short of posting what I wanted to do in the bedroom as a personal status. Yet a now former associate found it this type of status post perfectly acceptable and went to lengths to rightly or wrongly suggest I was being prudish out of inexperience.  What is the social networking etiquette for relationships, written or unwritten? Your thoughts please


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