Males and females have childish moments but those who live are men to be

They say they live for the 80/ 20 but only want 7 tenths of me

Clothed in the banner of cleverness in defence of their density

Said I’m living in the moment, walking in tense I be

Fuelled for swim sprints, beating the air with all propensity

Yet my mind is erogenous it lives for the intensity

Wedded to life, I do is my identity

Yet my image is a nipple ready to ripple with solar energy

Powered by the colour of broken dreams and fallen enemies

Plentifully, planting, peace, poise, purpose, passing powerful prose inventively

Sensibly sending sentimental scents of mental fortitude and transcendental epiphanies that transport you into messianic states of mind

Like when Adam and Eve ate only to find they were human

It’s proven everybody needs a little steel yet trouble is our blood – we need iron

Life is a contract so if you get a second chance know your value and re-sign

See your mountain is only high as your incline,

Your decline is only as far as your disciplines poor design

True happiness is when confidence puts a ring on knowledge of self and says be mine

So refine, dovetail, walk with intent and be

Remember males and females have childish moments but those who live are men to be



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  1. works really well, love all the word/sound play – makes me want to hear it spoken out

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