So Anxious

You’ve got me wondering whether you’re thinking of me as much as I think of you cos

I’m feeling you and I’m hoping you feel that same way like a drone bee waiting to mate with the queen

Like a lottery winner who doesn’t believe that they picked the right numbers

Like, I’ve got yours and you’ve got mine but the way we dial into each others sense of self has got a different tone

A different ring, you and I started with a different kind of hello and even though I’ve said many hello’s and been hung up on, said many goodbyes you’ve got me feeling like I’m starting a whole new conversation

It’s like you’re taking me to a whole new school where reading you is the hardest part of my study

To make music like Musiq and be the definition of a Buddy would really be fly yet you’re in no rush to take off

You’re so fly but there are no in-flight instructions other than to be cool as we rewrite the rules of engagement, lay pavements to wherever the you in couple and I in time takes us.

See I know what makes us can break us because intimacy is dangerous, de-range us estrange us, but as long as we remain us we can be us, see us with purpose

I dare you to believe our similarities and differences got me nervous because you’re a mirror image of an inner me present and desired

I’d love to be your king but I’ve been de-sired so often I’m used to playing hide and seek with my crown

So many chips claim to be down until I light their gas for the cook up

When this chef gets the look up you see my ingredients are so raw at their heart

It’s like Remy Ma tellin Nicki Minaj to look up even though she’s got the hook up

I want to write a new chapter, your time I want to book up, put epic verses in your calendar

Invigorate you with a lavender ever be a challenger of your psyche

Show you this spectacled black man has direction, Spike Lee

My system knows you are my Air not sportswear Nike,

I just want to confess you’re my Woman not Goddess yet my Victory

So smoking you’re calling the royal we a hickory infused, literary ruse

Can’t I just be your muse?

See I’m so anxious, I don’t just want a mo’ better blues

I choose to live in the colour purple, I’m royalty in my temple

And this bear in the window is no longer for rental so check out my terms

Remember creamy crack burns so don’t let me in your hair let alone your head

I’m well read so you can explore my heart but don’t burden me, passionately burn with me, fervently take me to the moon and your soul kiss the earth with me.

Release me from the purgatory and see if we fit just perfectly.

Love is a fight club just don’t Tyler Durden me cos curiousity killed the cat but this anxiety could kill you



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