World is Yours

We need Common Sense to bring common sense to our common sense and let common tenths our personality multiply the honest tenets of our realities.

See emancipating rather than eviscerating ourselves of our fragility puts the sense in sensibility enabling us to take responsibility for our own competence and confidence level.

It’s never better the devil when seeking inner angels, revelling in ranges of rages endangering our brains because we alone couldn’t silence the alarm bells of our own insecurity.

Death is the only surety but we refuse to die the death of accountability so while others cry and keep rising we drink Riesling and listen to Ron Isley’s tales of love as we lust after the person we want to be but never initiate that intimacy.

We pretend we comprehend the routes of ascension, latch on to others who mention direction and get an ego erection till they screw our senses with our own driver and leave us with the pretension that we really are somebody when really…we have a body and sell our souls for attention and don’t even get paid for the intercourse.

It’d a rape of the inner courts except we are the ones who make it consensual, conning our senses till we’re numb, dumb or senseless. Rules of thumb exist so you never get fingered.

Sensations linger like nettles that sting you yet if you can’t acknowledge your weeds then don’t except another to tend your garden. Only a fake rose or a dead one gets pinned to a garment so what are you?

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