Close your eyes and lets….recreate Floetry just say yes
Let me undress your innermost thoughts
Peel away your layers of fear
Let me…penetrate your first time anxiety
rhythmically intercourse with your inner force
Quietly moan your extreme passion on my soul
Ride this wave of devotion as my past you hold
This freak needs controlled moments as explosive components
So I write to impose exponential highs
You give me butterflies as we make honey cream
Sweet sensations like angled sunbeams to animate every inch of our epidermis
Creating keeping heat like a Thermos
Penetrating every inch testing the deepest furthest zone walls
Creating pure civilisations with white balls,
Pockets of truth in deep sighs instead of white lies
Caress my piercing eyes and arch at my growl
Lets get subliminal now
Norwegian wood make this smooth criminal howl at the moon
Can’t taste your sweet with a spoon or a line of Mills and Boon
Wipe me down with drops of nectar from your diamond cocoon
Now open your eyes …tell me do we even need a room?

Read the piece and enjoyed it….now listen to Inception as it was intended to be



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11 responses to “Inception

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  2. Tania

    Immersingly beautiful ( lucky women ) cheers thanks for sharing Tania

  3. very Interesting and may I dare say creative..? Well crafted.. 😀

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  6. Anita (Aquarius63)

    Excellent flow and thought provoking read, a very moorish write.

  7. Perfectly penned, I enjoyed it so much… thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


  9. J.

    Apparently you do! Bokowski called it ‘mush and raisins’, but honey cream works too.

  10. amazing stuff.. makes one swoon in ecstacy through it all… and Norweigian wood 🙂

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