Lady D

We locked eyes
Our hearts threw away the key
Golden sands embraced my feet like she was the one for me
3500 miles for a blind date where I’d meet the family was deep
I was the man with the plan but her blue print I couldn’t pass
See she knew how to tickle my tastebuds and make my belly laugh
She was rich and pure, she didn’t do things by halves
I was in awe from the start as her beauty surpassed any car
from her bonnet to her inner parts
So I cruised her customs and took pictures of her liberty
Statuesque in all areas I was unequivocally positioned to be her plus one
But I wasn’t the only one interested see
Her popularity was that of a queen
Her Royal Meridien wave shamed the sea
She was mind blowing like French philosophy
We were lover but our affair was brief
She and I were not a lie
So when it ended did I mind?
For I embraced the clouds and kissed her glittered night sky with a tear in my eye
knowing time had broken me away from my lover



Filed under Random Poetics

2 responses to “Lady D

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  2. bittersweet,
    beautiful sentiments.
    well done.

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