I’m not saying you’re easy

But you aint making it hard

The way you act to tease me

Aint getting this dark

I don’t mean to dislodge serenity

But you’re creating your image off a stolen identity

You wonder why eyes are cutting, automatic enmity

Cos your attempts to be indigenous

Fit in is based on ignorance

Yet you do it with all diligence like chameleon shark

Your whole dress and swagger are walks in the park

Swinging your bits to fling yourself at anything dark

You want to call yourself a Naija Girl

Once he fills you with his Naija world

All you want is that boom shack a lack

You want that big black *ock

Back shots giving head

Cos he made your body rock back

You want to call yourself a Yardie girl

Because he filled you with his yardie world

I aint saying you’re an easy target lady

But your chocolate orange tan wont match your mixed race babies

I got no problems with mixing races

But your simple flavours aint for my taste buds

I feel the buzz of a thousand stings

Blinding like the bling of a thousand rings

I see a bait-a-black and I hear a thousand dings

Avoid, Avoid! She’ll learn a thousand things

Playing one big game called arouse the kings

Who dares wins but I won’t play with her

She’ll take the W off woman and put it on Wigg-er

If it wasn’t for the law she’d say she loves her Nigg-er

Its not a case of Beyonce, Blondes or Bigger

It takes more than a figure to get the balance right

But this chick only hooks up with stereotypes

I should call her pasture blaster

Sony or Panasonic

Cos regular folk she looks past but anything hot black she’s on it

She’s a hole sale chav

Super sonic wag wannabe

But Wha Gwaan aint got Wog in it honestly

I aint saying your easy

But take some of the blame

Girls like you but the good ones to shame

If bait-a-black is your only game

What are you giving other than time body and name

See you might chat patois

Understand everyting

Speak to every trib e in their own tongue

but what do you bring?

Where is Your Culture

I’m trying to make you think

See any girl lost in me has to come black from the brink

Till then I’ll sing

I aint saying your easy

But you aint making it hard

The way you try to please me

Makes you a walk in the park

Said I don’t want to call you easy

But you don’t make it hard

Never want to call you easy

But you obviously are



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