wishin on a star

We wish up on falling stars until we realise they are mere mortals

Using stars as portals for us transport all sense of reality aboard that good ship vanity

Losing a sense of reality we wish up on stars,

Rocks that lost faith and face and their only charity is to give up the ghost, lose the spirit

We mourn the most for the loss of fame than  neighbours on the same lane even if they helped us through our hurricane times

I’ve wished up on a star but only the one that night and day shines

I’ve wished up on a star because I want my next 24 to be better than the the 24 I left behind

I want my 24 to be even better in 7 days time

Yet the bliss of wishing should not erase your faith lines

See wishing up on a star is like sniffing coke instead of creating our own sugar

We know that we shouldn’t

Get the high without working for the sweetness

With all their flaws and release we pledge allegiance to our favoured falling star

Damning the very sky where we reside

Some folk desire the dark to hide yet they wish up on a falling light to escape themselves

Falling lights will never make heaven from self-made hells

Whilst inward we dwell with only our single soul in sight

Make your bark heard but be hard with your bite

Love your sky and use faith to stay high though many trials may bite

I’m wishing up on you ¬†to be a star for I wanna see a star remain bright

If you fall I hope your caught and put back just right

Wherever you are, there’s someone for whom you keep the sky light


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