W D W (what do women)

What do women want can somebody explain

Page after page in magazines on how men caused you pain

What self worth is there to gain by apportioning blame

When some of you are so vain you put the 80 / 20 rule to shame.

Flirt and get hurt they say it’s all in the game

But you attract men to flames instead of realistic aims

Burning with so much passion what you want changes like fashion

Want what we want and as a man I’m trained to catch on

Supposed to notice changes in your makeup, hair and clothing

Supposed to be blamed for a breakup, take shots and gloating

I’m supposed to be showboating as we both twist truths, but don’t let my reality mask the darker hidden side of you

You say the pain of your past only a good man can soothe

Then you dump him after you’ve improved because he’s too nice for you

You’re colder than flu but I think you need a brain scan

I say tell me you want, can somebody explain man?

Do you want a smooth talking pretty boy or a rugby playing cave man?

I love women, when you give its plenty

But some of you will never be the 80 of the 80/ 20

You want to play Kojo and Wendy or Karma Sutra for Henry

But the way you act it’ll be Karma descending,

Instead of loving, growing ascending there’s not need for pretending

That the eyes through which you see isn’t really how it be.

And like Erykah says…you don’t wanna fall in love with me

For when he lays out his wants and needs and a future you say you can see

Genuinely making the strides so that two of you can be

If he sticks to your plan for a man A you’ve more peace than Gandhi

But then your radar turns on again if he hits you with a plan B?

Though he proposes and adjusts according to his belief

Playing along with half a heart only makes you a thief

Taking love without paying for it will only cause some grief

You’ll pay in other ways even if he never sees it

One game too many and playette you’ll catch a fever

For we tire of baby, baby, like they we’re tormented by Justin Bieber

Yet the end will be a relief because all attention seekers,

Deserve to be taught a lesson that straight up reforms.

It makes a mockery you act up because you know that you can get it

Sound words do your head in because your too cool for life school


I don’t advocate violence but I hope life swats you with a back hand!

Life aint all white and black man, jungle fever, chick flicks and ballad tracks man

We’re sick of taking flack man, cut us some slack man

I’m living by a code of not being that man

But I might have to break hearts just so that I’m not bland

I be damned you give the real 80% women a bad name

Messing up a good man’s brain all because of your inflated ego or past pain

But if doing the same thing over and over defines insane

I’ll end a dog at this rate hoping a true woman sees the good to gain

So please explain tell me what women want or maybe you shouldn’t

For a brazen show pony out her lane got nothing on a real woman

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