Listen as you Read along

I’m just …

Trying to find my narrative

My parity

Many moments of clarity

Are given like money to charity

Falling on deaf ears to get lost in time

We all have to speak our minds

But do we ever act on its design


Writing epic verses

Building roads with purposes

Muddied and dusty virtues

Litter my journey


Beyond the gates of my nature

My nomenclature

Out of the comfort zone I deserve to gain or lose status

I’ll be blessed to have haters

But if they don’t exist I can’t breathe

Roots, branches, or leaves

Dishonesty tortures and grieves

Eroding trust and belief

Rather live in a barren dessert than in a mansion with forty thieves


Honesty and deceit breed inquisition

They say life is a game so play your position

Hate is a cancer, get some remission


I can break souls with a sentence

Lips do what the pen does

When shallow minds seek to bend us

Promised the hallow stupendous

End us

If you don’t get the picture increase your dimensions

Stroll down memory lane

Use experience as your frame

Nail aims like the last bullet of a sniper

Philosophies people hype up

Psyche up

Read and get your psyche up cos the game got tighter

Live your own epic verse

We were all born writers

Of legacy

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  1. Very interesting sentiment in the poem….thanks for shaing your writing.

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