Struggle with Race

I do not struggle with your depiction of the purpose of my pigmentation

I do not struggle with your conviction that my decisions are indicative of self hatred

I do not toil and bubble with indignation because the objects of my attraction have not met your satisfaction

I do not struggle with race

My gums will not run to denigrate your choice of mate for who I date does not subtract from my self worth

See who I am… is defined by colourless values

Who I am…is defined by my environment where you can never be part of the furniture

Who I am…is purposed to strive and survive and further me before I burnish you

While you hurdle truth, I girdle those matters of fact

That self hate and self hurt comes your own self affliction, you say that you feeling stabbed in the back by convictions?

Well I embraced my predilections and found myself moulded by inscriptions that say it is not the strongest who survive but those who adapt to change

See my values are my reins,

They cannot be a fast track for your gains when you struggle with your inability to relate to my other side

And I will never be colour blind, blinded by colour whether yours mine or any other

Cos Sister this brother, does not struggle with race


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